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Ugh, and I am sick. Again.
Yeah, something about the weather and my nasal cavity just don't get along. I just got back from the doctor, going to pick up my medication when it's ready. The start of what looks like a sinus infection. I don't know why I get sinus infections, but apparently I do.

So lots has been going on! For one, Friday night was another Monte Montgomery concert to go see. I would have liked more people I knew to have gone, but it wasn't meant to be. It was a lot of fun, though, and I think the people who DID go enjoyed it quite a bit. Because he's incredible. That's really all I have to say about it. It's just that simple. And I took my camera! Which means pictures. Oh yes. Pictures.

Monte, in all his glory.

Me just chillin' with the man.

And for those of you with fat bandwidth pipes, here's a little bonus taste of what I had to see. Yeah, I had a VERY good proximity to the stage. And I'll say it now - even video does no justice to what it's like to be there, watching, with the adrenaline of the crowd filling the place.

Ah, so Saturday meant time for preparation of TEC, the retreat I'm helping on this coming weekend. I'm on music, so Chad and I got the theme song down. It's wondrous. Should be good. Then, that night I hung out with a group of friends at Senor Tequila's! Great place, and I got to practice my Spanish a bit. Since I don't speak it TOO much. Which I should. But the food was good.

Sadly, the next morning was the start of my sickness. Sore throat (didn't help in choir). Went to kung fu, though, to practice the Lion Dance. You guys should see it when we perform it - it will be spectacular! Full demo coming up in February. Lion Dancing AND kung fu! Will be loads of fun. But yeah, so I practiced with a new guy (new to Lion Dancing), but he's known kung fu for a few years, so he picked things up quickly. We got good practice down, but I forgot to put on the back brace, and kind of jacked up my back a bit. Sorta sucked, so I just went home and sat my butt on the couch to recoup a bit. I traded Fred the second season of 24 for more Naruto, to help that. Naruto is awesome! I think I shall watch more of it today while I am sick. Sickly. Fred really likes 24, so I think it's a fair trade.

Monday was bleah. Work, while I was getting SICKER, and my co-worker is now gone for a while. He was the one who was "guiding" me, although I had more fun than I learned proper stuff. Which was okay at the time, but I'm paying for it now. I did manage to make it through a day without much problem, just exhausted, somehow. I think that means naptime today. I never get to take naps.

Oh, I did find a little somethin' somethin' on a friend's blog (actually, Live Journal, but what's the difference, really) that interested me. Check it out!

I am nerdier than 95% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Yes, I am an ultimate nerd! No one can beat me! You can try, though. Failure is inevitable. According to the site... "All hail the monsterous nerd. You are by far the KING NERD GOD!!!" So yeah. Sweet.

Okay, and time for random linking! I don't remember for sure if I linked this already, but if I did it's been a while. It's SCARY random linking. That's right. Enter if you dare.
Sorry Eric... I got 96 on the nerd test.
Dang, Seanicus! I think it's your luck that I managed to mess up on the first picture question. I think I know who it is, but I was only debating between two people. I think I put the wrong one down, though. Which, if I had had it correct, would have pushed me up HIGHER. To ULTIMATE NERDDOM. I guess you hold the top mark... for NOW.
Sorry Eric, but Sean actually told you the wrong score for his quiz results. He actually got a 97.
mwa hahahahahahaha I finally have proof that you are nerdier than I am!!! I scored a 31, which means that you are not just twice more are THREE TIMES more nerdier than I am! lol Sadly, I can only revel in this so long because my comment was "not nerdy but definitely not hip"...which is true. But I can still tease you about being nerdier now! :)

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