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Ah, relaxing weekend. Finally.
Yes, finally. All that lion dancing kicked my butt around a bit. Although I think it might have improved the muscle definition in my butt by kicking it so much. Kicking, being all the horse stances that lion dancing requires. Not that anyone could APPRECIATE the muscle definition in my butt. Except for me. Mmm, yes.

Okay, so this weekend was pretty laid back. And completely busy at the same time. Friday night was the start of it all. Yes! I stayed up late! I don't even remember why! It must have been a good night. Oh yes, that's right! I rented UFC 50. James came over and we appreciated the variety of competition the UFC has to offer. It's funny sometimes. One of the first matches was between a large black ex-football player and a young Brazilian jujitsu black belt who looked way too nice to be in the UFC. He kept smiling, and looking almost polite. They barely touched each other the first round, a couple of clashes, that was it. And in the second round, the jujitsu kid throws this punch, a really horrid punch. A giant haymaker, really. And somehow it glances off a point on the other guy (a kickboxer)'s face, and he goes down, completely out with his eyes open. Just straight backwards, boom, and he looked very lost when he started coming to on the ground. It was pretty funny, but sad for the kickboxer.

Yeah, there were a few other good ones, it was interesting to see. And then it was time for Halo 2! Where we laid waste to a few people. James has some l337 5k1llz. Good times.

And to bed! To rest up for the next day, which started with kung fu! Yes, I really don't normally go on Saturday's, but Sifu, being sneaky as he can be, made sparring ONLY on Saturdays. So I had to go do it. I've missed sparring. Sifu worked with all the new guys (and a girl), and they had a good workout. One of them sparred Sifu and tried a spinning backfist. I didn't actually see it, but from what I heard, Sifu pretty much owned him at that moment. I turned to see the guy hit the ground and everyone make "whoa" comments and applaud. It's wise not to underestimate Sifu's sparring skills. Sihing Justin and I helped one of the more advanced students with his sparring techniques, giving him pointers on hand positions and takedown techniques, and then sparring a bit with him so he could test them out. Then, right before class was over, Justin and I sparred. Sort of. It lasted all of five seconds. Started with me feinting a punch, then throwing a kick, planting the same foot down in preparation for a takedown. As I move in to attempt it, he spots the opening perfectly and kicks me. In the FACE. I was fine, and ready to keep going. Unfortunately, my lip was NOT. Yeah, somehow my lip got split. All OVER the place. I was bleeding for a while, and it still looks pretty gruesome. Perhaps I'll put up a picture.

So after that we went, got some food, and then one of the students brought his movie for viewing. I'd seen it before and had a previous engagement, so I only stayed a bit, but his movie's actually pretty good. Lots of cussing, lots of gunplay, but put together well. Makes me want to make a movie. Again. I always have wanted to, but with guitars and kung fu, there's NO TIME.

Yes, my previous engagement? Constantine! It was different. But actually pretty good. Better than I expected. I still have to watch Dawn of the Dead, which I rented and never did see. I think it'd fit with the theme, somehow.

After that, Sihing and a few other kung fu guys ended up coming over, and we spent a lot of time with gaming goodness, plus Chinese food, and lots of Pepsi (yes, I know, I'm bad). It was so much gaming goodness two of them ended up staying too late. Which meant crashing on the couch. But it was all part of an excellent guys' night.

The next day was time for Justin and I to help my parents and the neighbor swap fridges. It was hard work! Fridges are heavy. And slightly awkward to move. But we did it. Even though it required removing the doors from one fridge, and the handles from the other. Vice grips are very nice, by the way. Just FYI. So a bit of hard manual labor, and then for his help, I bought Sihing lunch at Chili's. Mmm, ribs. And chicken. And corn on the cob! It was good.

And for a change, I went to mass at a different place. Goodness! Yes, it's a big change! I've been playing at Newman for nine years or so, so going anywhere else is quite different. I grabbed my guitar and cruised to St. Bernard's, after being invited to help in their choir by the drummer. Yes, drummer. They have a full drumkit set up for their five o'clock service. I'm still not sure about that, but hey, whatever works. So I knew only one of their songs, but they still set me up with two microphones, one for the guitar, one for vocals. And it was me, the drummer, the piano (choir director), and two vocalists. Turned out pretty nicely! And I did play for every song, even though I'd never heard most of them. I only sang on three, though. I got a lot of complements, and they invited me to come back next week. We'll see, I may do it, and then try a different parish for two weeks. See what else is out there.
And today is the start of my new schedule. Nine hour days. Start early (earliER), stay late. But it means I get a half day on Friday! Yaay! We'll see how it goes. Okay, time for random link. This is one I got from a friend. In this day and age, it might (0|\/|3 1n |-|4nDy. But the kicker is where this comes from.
dawn of the dead creeped me out for some reason. maybe it was the weather, maybe it was my dinner that night...i dunno. you know i don't get creeped out that easily, so take what you want from that.
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