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Hard work is hard... work
Man, I'm hungry. Maybe it's because I've only eaten a QT Hotzi today. And some chocolate. I should probably get some FOOD. Since I have choir practice today, and should have something in my belly. Maybe Umberto's. I've heard they have good food.

Yeah, it's been a very busy week. Hard work! Monday night I did get to hang out with a friend I haven't seen in a while. Her silly boyfriend takes all her time, and he's gone for a few days, so I'm taking advantage. We watched Short Circuit! Sweet movie. Quite an old movie. Perhaps older than some of you. Which would be sad. It's got some classic moments, though. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Yesterday was the day that kicked my booty. Man! Started with work and so forth. Had to take care of a lot of stuff for work. So I was busy most of the day with that. And then it was time to go right to kung fu! To help teach kids' class. Immediately following that, teaching the adult class, which was hard work. Probably shouldn't have pushed myself QUITE so hard, because after that, it was lion dance practice! Goodness. By the end of it I couldn't move my arms fully. Ugh. I'm hoping I can do well when the time to perform finally comes.

And when is that time? Tomorrow! At 8:30 in the morning! That's not right. But it's what we're scheduled for. The first one, the test of our abilities. It'll be a short one. Then a big practice Friday night, and two big dances on Saturday. One of which is going to be our open house, at the kwoon (27th and Memorial) at 1. You should see it! It's not just lion dance, but kung fu, too! Lots of stuff to see. Then later that day, at 7, it's our full opening of the Chinese-American Association's Chinese New Year celebration at TCC Southeast. 81st and 169. Lots of stuff happening there, too, although we'll only be opening with the lion dance. Oh man, just thinking about it gets my blood pumping. It's hard! But if you can, you should try to see one or the other. It'll be a great spectacle!

After that we'll have some time off, hopefully recover a little. Then it's back to business, one at Royal Dragon on Wednesday, and one BIG one the weekend after that, on Saturday (see below, on the schedule). Perhaps one or two more, you never know for sure. I'll be in great shape by the end of it all. Honestly, I think I can see my arms and shoulders toning up more just from lion dancing. It IS that hard.

Today it's been more work, getting stuff done, which is good. But I'm sleepy, too. Need to get to bed EARLY tonight for the show in the morning. Man.

Okay, I need to eat. I'm starting to feel it, and I get CRANKY when I'm hungry. Some of you might know that already, but it's true. So I need food. Which means I'll give you a random link! To distract you as I run away. Random news link today. Sports-related, which is even more rare, from me. But I thought this one was attention-worthy.
did you get umberto's?! i hope you enjoyed it, if you got it, b/c pizza needs to go bye-bye pretty soon. ;)
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