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One big weekend
Well, not big, really. More like supersaturated. That's right. Three, count them, THREE lion dances tomorrow. And one of them is going to be insane. As in, difficult. And exhausting. Plus we get to do kung fu demos immediately afterwards. And that's our first lion dance of the day. Yeah, I'll probably be passing out that evening.

Man, I'm bored, and nobody's online! And I'm sleepy. What a horrid combination. But the news lately has been keeping me shocked and appalled. Here, a few bits from today. Excuses, excuses. Self-defense sometimes is good. Keep hope alive! Yeah, random bits.

Oh! I have a joke for you:
An astrophysicist, a physicist, and a mathematician are attending a
conference in Scotland. During a break, they take a walk through some
of the countryside, and come upon a black sheep.

"Aha," exclaims the astrophysicist. "I had no idea that all sheep in
Scotland are black."

The physicist looks at her colleague in disbelief. "All sheep in
Scotland are black? Are you nuts? We've only seen one sheep!"

The mathematician interrupts. "And only one side of that sheep."

If you laughed at that, you are a NERD. I laughed at it. AHH HAHAHAAHAHAAAA! Yes, it's funny.

Oh, I was mad this morning because I was contacted by the OSLA. Well, now they're called the OGSLP. But yeah. It's student loan stuff. Apparently, one of my puny loans (as in less than 5K) got missed during my consolidation. And nobody bothered telling me about it. So it looks like I was delinquent. AGAIN. Just FYI, going delinquent on your loans is about the WORST POSSIBLE THING you can do to your credit. And here I was, trying to repair my credit by keeping my loan payments current, as well as doing nicely with my ONE credit card and its massive $300 limit. So yeah, I was upset. They decided that now would be a good time to contact me, after I had been 92 days delinquent. Thanks! I'm sure glad you didn't contact me before then! I might have known what having good credit was like! Ignorance is bliss! MAN. But I contacted them, we exchanged some words. Apparently, there's hope. I might be able to get it cleaned from my record, and have it put in with the rest of my consolidated loans, which is where it should have been in the first place. Ugh. Student loans can be sucky.

So ANYWAY, back to kung fu. Which is where my blog lives nowadays. Yeah, yesterday we had our standard class, a good number of people showed for the adult class. Oh, and I forgot my pants AGAIN. So I had to buy a new pair. It's my backup set, now. But they're not too shabby. Elastic waistband. And pull strings. I'm only thin enough that after pulling the pull strings tight, they go down to my knees. But it's supposed to be like that, right? So I have my new pants, and teaching class. Sihing gives me Sifu's standard instruction: "Make 'em sweat." So I did. Woo! Warmups can warm you up quite a bit. Everyone needs to work on their horse more, though. Especially me. Sihing sat down with us for our last horse, after doing the other stances, and had me count to ten. And then the next person. And the next. Yes, everyone counted to ten. And there were about eleven people there total. Plus, it seems Sihing forgot how to count to ten, so he had to pause a bit. Do the math, there. 11 people ~ 110 seconds ~ two minutes, give or take. I should have been able to handle it without any issue, but it was actually hurting by the end. Maybe because it was with our LAST horse. Sihing cheated and didn't do any other stances. It made him look good. But hey! I held my position! Unlike everyone else. I think we only had one person collapse, but pretty much everyone else ended up a lot higher. YOU try a two minute horse, keeping your thighs parallel to the ground, knees above the feet, feet double shoulder width apart. See how good you think that feels.

At any rate, there was plenty of horsing around (HA HA, HA HA, Ha h...) and then we did class. I like instructing! I feel like I can actually give people some good knowledge, after having my years of instruction under my belt. We had a good class, and then it was time for more lion dancing. Sihing was trying break me down, I think, because he was giving me pointers on how to use the lion. Pointers in painful directions. "Harder! Faster! In more uncomfortable positions!" In some cases, that all sounds good and lovely (mmm, positions), but for lion dancing with the gold lion for extended periods of time, it's PAIN. Good exercise, though. I just hope I do a splendiferous job tomorrow. Tomorrow! At Nam Hai! 11 AM! If you haven't seen lion dancing yet, you should show up! And even though you SHOULD, you still might NOT, which is too bad. Your loss.

And on a completely different note, I have a hair growing out of my left bicep. And it's freakishly long, and clear. Yes, I've had it before, and I've pulled it. But this time, I'm NOT GOING TO PULL IT. Muahahahahaaaa! And it will bother some of you, but you're not here, and you CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT! That is all.

So tonight, it's a big hour and a half of lion dance practice, and hopefully all will go well. And hopefully it won't rain in the morning tomorrow. That would suck. Well, it might mean we don't have to do the lion dance, but at the same time, it would still suck. I just need to get my practice, get plenty of rest, and awaken rejuvenated and rarin' to go. For Nam Hai, and then two other lion dances, and then our kung fu Chinese New Year dinner over at Royal Dragon. Mmm, good food.

Today is Friday! And it's Lent! Which means, for some people, no meat, and fasting. Why is it called fasting? I'm going to fast. It certainly doesn't FEEL too fast. It feels rather slow. Why not call it slowing? It sounds more strenuous. Oh well, the way I eat sometimes is technically fasting, anyway, so it's just being done on a regularly scheduled plan this time. I AM drinking more water than normal. So maybe I could consider THAT fasting. Because water does go through you rather fast. At least through me it does. Sometimes. I'm sure you want to know lots more about that, but that's all I have for now.

Okay, and now I shall get back to stuff, and other stuff. But hey, have a lovely weekend, and all that, even if YOU don't spend any time in a lion. Random link time! I'm still on my qigong/chi kung kick, so I'm sharing the wealth of knowledge with you. Read, learn, there's lots of it! Just not so much common knowledge in the west as the east. In the east it's as common as AOL CDs. So here! Expand your knowledge, from another grandmaster I know well of (and have actually contacted before). Maybe find something that you like.
SHIT! I'm a nerd! how can this be....
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