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Quickie nighttime blog
In the past I used to blog late at night, and it seems now I don't ever do it anymore. Which is too bad, because I get kinda kooky late at night sometimes. Just a quick cover over the BUSIEST DAY. Yeah, quite busy. Started early with the first lion dance. At Holland Hall, for elementary school kids. Needless to say, it was a success! The kids loved us. I made a lot of them laugh, and a few of them were a little scared. I think the people that asked us to do it were impressed, and got more than they expected. We did our thing, then the guy who runs the Wushu school in town did his demo, with two kids from his school who were about the same age as the other kids in the elementary school. They were pretty good, but I think the kids were more impressed when the instructor did HIS demos, swinging his staff about at crazy speeds. They did a very good job, though.

So we all finished, then they had a question and answer session, for each of us (our school and the Wushu school). Somewhere between a third and HALF the kids raised their hands to ask us questions. They had good questions, too! They wanted to know how the lion operated (there's movement involved in the face, although if you want to see it you should come to the open house - Saturday at 1, 27th and Memorial), how much the lion head weighed, if it was hard work, all that. When a girl asked if the head was heavy, Sifu had her come up to the front and actually hold the lion head, which I think all the kids liked a lot. And I have a feeling she might be telling HER friends about it later. It was really cool, though, the kids all seemed to enjoy it. Only a couple got shy when we got close to them, and one or two actually got scared. But all in all, our first lion dance turned out fairly well.

From there it was straight to work. Then work until about 6, from there straight to kung fu to teach OUR kids' class. And then stay to teach the adult class. I do enjoy teaching that class, though, even if it does wear me out a bit. And stay after THAT to do... what else? More lion dance practice. Of course. But it was fun! I'm finally starting to get the hang of it. It IS my first year as the lion, so it's educational. And I helped with Sifu and a couple of guys to replace the bungee cord to hold up our sign in front of the Academy. It's a good twenty feet off the ground, so that meant putting benches in the back of Sifu's truck, a pot on the benches, having one of the students stand on that pot, and then ME sit on his shoulders. I'm scared of heights, too. But the job was finished!

Anyway, MAN I'm tired. So I'm going to read a bit and go to sleep. Tomorrow's more lion dance practice (for the TCC demo) and then off to a dance! Yay! Should be fun. Saturday's the big day, though. Our open house is the huge thing, starts at 1, 27th and Memorial. A full hour of demo stuff to watch and be amazed. And then at 7, we have the Chinese-American Association New Year at TCC, 81st and 169. That one will be a ton of people doing demos, but we'll be opening it up. You should come see us!

Okay, it's late, but I'll STILL give you a random link. Actually, how about TWO? Both of these aren't really pages, they're media. The first one is sports-related. Again, I don't normally do sports-related stuff, but this case is an exception. This kid is amazing. Even if you don't know anything about soccer, you should check him out. Keep in mind, he's only 9. Look at the dates in the video, do the math, and realize how old he is in these videos. It's phenomenal. And the other random link? A very large file, but it gave me all sorts of good vibes. A rather amazing video, for completely different reasons. But I liked it a lot. And I like to spread the love. So here you go!
w00t! Welcome back to the dark side!! (And I mean that as in nighttime...right, of course!) O:) You cannot escape them. I'm really glad the lion dance went well. I'M going to be there to see you on Saturday. I'm looking forward to it. See you then!!

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