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Chances are, I'm in China
That sounds like a weird sort of poem title. Or song name. But it's true! I'm leaving early, early in the morning, off to L.A., then off to China! Hong Kong, to be specific. If this is news to you, you don't read my blog very much. I'm all excited, scared, and anxious at the same time. I'll be there for a full week, although in reality, I'll only be there for about five full days. With the whole bit about traveling time and time zones. Actually, Hong Kong is ten hours AFTER central time zone. So that means I'm traveling into the FUTURE! When I get there, I'd be able to tell you how tomorrow's doing. "How's tomorrow?" you'd ask. "It's pretty cool, but a lot of people are speaking Cantonese," I'd inform you. But truthfully, I won't be able to know what tomorrow's like until I get there. Hopefully it will be COOL. I think it will be.

The other side of the world! It's my first ocean-crossing trip. I've been all over North America, but never across the Atlantic or the Pacific. It should be cool. And I really don't know what I'll be doing until I'm doing it. All I know is that I'll be spending a lot of time with Buck Sam Kong (Sifu's sifu, my Sigong), and I should be meeting with Lam Jo (Buck's sifu, my SiTaigong, or something like that). Not by myself, of course, but you know, get to actually see him in person. It's crazy. Maybe I'll even get pictures! You know I'll be taking a TON of pictures. I'll share them with you (some of them, not ALL) when I get back. It will be sweetness.

So yes, a week away. A real vacation. The last few days have been good, though. Last bits of kung fu class, some good training. I got to spar with one of the students who's decent at sparring to get some of my skills back. Although it's quite lax, at least my hand speed is. I was trying to just use pure hand techniques, and right now it seems like I keep staying too tense. So J.R. (the guy I sparred with) landed quite a few techniques on me. A few in the face, which probably isn't good. But it's okay. I felt him out, then started coming back at him a little stronger, and at the end just let loose. By letting loose I mean I kept going after him, not letting him rest. Which I'm surprised I was in shape to do, but apparently I am. And he wasn't quite in the same shape, because pretty soon after I did that, he pooped out. I think it was at the point where I slugged him nicely in the back of the head and he was too tired to even try blocking. Although my history of leaving nice marks on other people hasn't really changed. I swelled up his arm fairly nicely, left a few shin marks, and a spot above his left eyebrow. Plus the back of his head. I think most of them (except for the head) came from me blocking him, too. But I needed the practice. Maybe I'll learn some new SECRET techniques in China! Yeah, right. Maybe I'll learn something, though. And then I will train hard! And try to become decent at sparring. Because honestly, I suck compared to where I'd like to be. I need more PRACTICE. Maybe more horse stances, too.

Last night was a last bit of fun times, hung out with Courtney, time for a bad horror movie (Cube Zero) and followed up by a bit of Resident Evil 4. With caffeinated beverages, of course. It was fun stuff, though. Part of my standard life, which I WON'T be partaking in next week. So I had to get a little bit in first.

Oh! And something I think is noteworthy. I got my friend Sean hooked on Naruto! Yaay! It's so good. And now he knows what I'm saying when I say that. YOU, too, should check out Naruto. It's so good. Best if you start from the beginning, though, definitely.

Okay, I need to finish packing. Not too much left, but I need to have it done tonight, so I'm ready to head west in the morning. Something strange about going west to go into the East. Don't think too much about that, though, it may make your head asplode. Paradoxes and all that. Okay! Random link! Actually, a couple, since I won't be able to give you random links for a little while. So here's one! About someone who's conscience is at a level everyone should have. And a story! A story about a nice date. And of course, I need to include another kung fu link, which explains all the stuff about my branch of kung fu, known as Hung Gar or sometimes Hung Kuen. Ooh! An excellent screen saver! Which computer scientists will probably appreciate a bit more than other people, due to its nature. A different sort of song, by the Police. Just listen to it. And naturally, something just random. About Korn and an interesting announcement they made.
i wouldn't say the movie was just made me sleepy to the point the caffeinated beverages didn't even help lol.

oh, and thanks for trying to educate me on the fine points of professional wrestling.
Naruto has consumed my life this weekend. Dattebayo!

Oh and your "kung fu" link is the same as the one before it. (Not that you'll have a chance to fix it until you come back)
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