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It's blog time!
Yeah, so I've been blog lazy lately. Lazy with my blog. Or rather, lazy withOUT my blog. I did miss it, though, so I had to come back. And to get started, here's a joke! In the Easter spirit. Sort of.

A minister wakes one Sunday morning to a bright sunny day. He decides
to play hooky for a day, and calls his Jr. Pastor to cover services
for him as he is very sick.

He then proceeds to get his golf bag and head for the links. The
course is beautiful, the sun is shining, and his game is great.

Up in heaven, St. Peter asks God, "Aren't you going to do something
about this?" God replies, "Wait and see."

As the round of golf continues, the minister is shooting the best game
of his life. On the 18th tee, the minister swings... God commands the
ball and it bounces off the water, out of a bunker, and right into the

St. Peter is incredulous. "Why are you REWARDING this man for shirking
his duty!? I don't understand?!"

God replies "Who's he going to be able to tell about it?"

Ha ha HA HA Ha ha ha. Ha. Yes. It's a funny.

I've been fairly delirious lately. And I still am! And it will get WORSE, I anticipate. Losing sleep does bad things to you. I still haven't gotten back to "normal". Oh, I'm getting up earlier. Physically. But my mind stays asleep. Until the afternoon. I need to get to sleep EARLIER. They even did a big spiel on CNN about it, how losing sleep is BAD for you. I AGREE. It's bad for ME, at least.

Ah, so. So what's been up with me? You might ask. But probably not really. But I will tell you, anyway! I was naughty, for one thing. And purchased a toy. And I think it turned out to be a good purchase. For you see, the toy I purchased: PSP. I didn't think they had any left. So I just asked, at Blockbuster, "How long are you going to be out of stock?" His reply, "Oh, we still have two in the back." My inner being (the id) jumped with anticipation. Some talking, a little here and there about the capabilities, the cost, the COOLNESS, and I was done. Done IN. I fell to the consumer trap, and got it. What's a PSP, you might ask? Might ask if you never watch the NEWS. It stands for PlayStation Portable. It's what a lot of people are calling Sony's newest version of the Walkman, as far as introducing new technologies. Yes, it plays games. BUT it also plays movies. And music. And pictures. And has wireless connectivity. And hooks up to the computer. Oh, it's quite cool. And you wouldn't think too much of it, even if you saw pictures, until you see it in person. After seeing it in person, I was fairly wowed. "Wow!" I said. I only got one game for it, called Lumines. It's a puzzle game, and it is good. And it's addictive. But yes, yes, check one out, but only if you're prepared to fall prey to the same allure it had for me.

And what else, eh? Well, I did have a good weekend. Got to have some sushi with Sandra, while she was in town. Mmm, sushi. Although she kept the leftovers. Hopefully they re-eat well. Not reHEAT, mind you. It's sushi. Yeah, and hung out with sihing Justin a bit, in some purely non-kung fu related fun. Mainly gaming, talking, that type of thing. Losing way too much sleep. And a little bit of time with friends I haven't seen in a while, to watch Ong-Bak! Which everyone should love. Because it's so good. And, last but definitely not least, going to a few Easter services. I went to one with my family for the husband of a friend of my sister's, who was getting confirmed. It was pretty nice. Calm, and had a very nice conversation time with kids, about what Easter was, and all that. Mind you, kids in the vicinity of 3. As in, 3 feet tall. Which makes it all utterly cute. And then I returned to Newman to play an instrument during services, which I had missed quite a bit. It was good to be back, and I'm thinking I may return.

What else? Well, I did make it on TV. Again. Yes, I seem to somehow manage to get myself televised regularly. Not intentionally, mind you. This time, it was kung fu related. We were just having a lovely class on Monday of last week, and some FOX guys come in with a camera. Apparently it's a spontaneous interview with Sifu. So they talk to him, they pull up one of the newer students to talk to him, then pull up his girlfriend (who'd never stepped inside the kwoon before that day), and then start filming us going through self-defense techniques. Sifu doing the techniques. Guess who the victim was? That's right. It was ME. So I got to be on television for a number of minutes, getting smacked around by Sifu. Fun times.

And kung fu lately has been good. I think my excitement for training after returning from Hong Kong has leaked (by osmosis, perhaps) into Sifu, because he's starting to push the students harder. Quite a bit harder. And he's going to start giving a class to train students for full-contact sparring. I believe I'll be in that class, as well as sihing, and any other poor souls who want to get pounded on. I don't think I'll actually get into tournaments with it, but I'll learn the techniques. You know, How To Kick Someone's Ass 101. Lovely lectures. I think more than learning how to hit, it'll be learning how to take a hit. Since we already train on plenty of harmful techniques, but never really try to hurt anyone. Until now. It will be fun!

And YES I have pictures. Ready, even. But I'll have to break them apart into separate days, I think. And I don't have them with me now, so it'll have to wait until either tonight or tomorrow to begin. Or maybe Friday. Time, time. It will go by. Patience is the only way to get there without going INSANE. I need a nap.

Okay. Random link! It's about that time, again. The time everyone dreads. Aside from Daylight Saving time. Ugh, I hate losing that hour. But for that OTHER time, sometime there are things that can help. I used it last year - it worked for me! Maybe it could work for you.
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