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Friday blogging
It's Friday! Yaaay! I'm about to leave for the weekend (from work), but I thought I'd go ahead and put a quick blog down. I have been into multimedia lately. So that's the topic for the day!

To start, 24. Season 3. It's so good, oh man. I'm on the last disc, so I'll be done with it this weekend. Just maybe by the end of the day. It's difficult to stop when you start. And a lot of people say they don't like it - generally these are people who see one episode in the middle of a season, and stop there. If you're going to do it, do it RIGHT, and start at the beginning. They rent the series at Blockbuster now. If you have any curiousity, I recommend renting Season 1, the FIRST disc. But be cautious - it may pull you in. I actually talked to a friend of mine's girlfriend at Blockbuster (I ran into the two of them on my lunch break), and although she hated the movie Hero (it's not for everyone, I admit), she did say she loved 24. My friend (Jerry) picked up the first two discs of Season 3 for a weekend they had nothing planned for, and although she was skeptical at first ("What, a TV show?"), she ended up hooked. And that's how it happens.

And as far as movies goes - this weekend Kung Fu Hustle gets released. I purchased it while I was overseas, so I've seen it. I'll say this - it's crazy. If you go in not expecting too much, you'll probably enjoy it. It's mean to be a ride, and I've heard a lot of people saying they enjoyed it, so I'll say it's probably worth checking out. It's by no means a traditional kung fu movie. It's closer to being a live action cartoon. Fairly wild stuff.

And games! God of War continues to be awesome. Even though I finished it this week. The story is very well laid out, and it was quite cool to get to the end. I may even play through it a second time, just for the enjoyment of it. So now that it is finished, a bigger (and possibly better) quest is now here! Jade Empire. I didn't really look up anything about it, because I mixed it in with a few other games (in my head) that really weren't TOO great. And then I read the review. It's a role-playing game. Set in China. About martial arts. It's like it was MADE for ME. So yeah, I have to get it. Hopefully it'll be just like my dreams.

Okay, that's all for the quick blog today. Hope you're having a lovely evening. Random link! For gamers everywhere, especially those who have played Final Fantasy 1, 2, or 3 (American numbering). It's rather amusing.
"Hope you're have a lovely evening." You finished Gods of War and didn't tell me?! :*( kidding. -A PS Chaos Theory rocks my socks off!
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