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Some interesting bits
I've lost too much sleep lately. Perhaps it's because of a little thing called Jade Empire. Yes, it's good. And alluring. And since I play as a noble monk (looking as the Shaolin-style), it's easy to put time into. That, and I also started up a super-strong female, who's evil. For some reason it's a lot easier to make the character behave in an utterly evil way when they're female.

Yeah, so, the interesting bits. I found a rather large mark on the back of my thigh. And NO, not a good mark. Turns out it was a spider bite. So I went to the doctor to make sure it was all cool, and it was, thankfully. It's starting to go away. But it was one of those things that I didn't even realize I had it, since it was out of sight, until I starting feeling it itch. I should have taken a picture of it when it was really bad, but I forgot to. Sorry! I did find out from the doctor, though, that brown recluse (AKA fiddleback) bites aren't ALWAYS bad, only on occasion. But when they're bad, they're really bad. I don't know what kind of spider bit me, but thankfully it turned out okay.

And yesterday was an interesting day at kung fu. We have an eight grader who's rather large (as in tall and heavy), and he pushes at learning how to spar. So he asked me to spar him last night, and spar him hard. A few people stuck around to watch, since it's very rare any of the senior students don't go easy on the beginners. I left at least a few footprints on him, and put him to the ground a couple of times, but he seemed happy I did. I still haven't completely unloaded on him, but I think pushing him that hard is helping him learn faster. Hopefully he'll learn control with it, though. I'm still looking forward to rumbling with sihing when we get past the exhaustion drills in full-contact training. He's anxious to get in the ring to see what it's like to actually hit someone full force. I'm a little interested to see that, too. Hopefully the hospital won't need to be involved.

And this weekend was two people's birthdays. First, and most important (naturally) - my mom's! It was her birthday. So we went out to eat at Flavors. It's a bit pricey, but it was very, very good. I had the Atlantic Salmon. Mmm, tasty.

The other birthday was actually sihing's! On the same day. He's a big 19. He spent most of the day with his woman (pssh, go figure), but I'm taking him out to eat when he has a chance. Somewhere cool. On his birthday we had full-contact training, and since Sifu was out of town (he was looking into getting a movie script for his book - yes, Sifu wrote a book), sihing was in charge. And since it was his birthday, he took it easy while pushing us around. I think he enjoyed it quite a bit.

I'm thinking for my birthday, I'm going to go somewhere nice. Somewhere like Incredible Pizza! I've never been, and I hear it's... incredible. Maybe take some friends, and have a jolly old time. But that's still a ways away.

Oh, and there was a storm over the weekend, which sadly interrupted my nocturnal enjoyment of Jade Empire when the power blinked. Which finally convinced me to get a new battery for my UPS. Which is quite expensive. As my UPS is one I snagged from Williams when they were liquidating. Yes, it's sweet - if the power goes out while I'm watching a movie, I can keep watching the movie on battery. For an HOUR AND A HALF. Everything in my system plugs into it, and it makes things happy. Only bad thing is the battery costs more than what I paid for the UPS. But it saves possible other costs, which is good.

Well, it's almost time to get back to more full-contact training, so hopefully I'll survive. My legs are getting a bit stronger. And more muscular. Which is cool. As well as the arms and shins, with the conditioning and all. I'm finally able to kick the metal pole hard, and rattle it a bit. Someday I'll bend it. But probably not for a little while. Anyway, since it's time to go, it's time for random linking! This is one I liked, in the news. Some people know I like when I find TREASURE. Well these guys found it. Yeah, found it big time.
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