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Cinco de Mayo
That's right, it's Cinco De Mayo today! Not that we really do anything fancy to celebrate it, in most places, but hey. Other major events are coming up - TU graduation! On Saturday. A rather important day for many people. That, and it's (coincidentally) Sifu's tournament! Yes, that's right. If you can make it - I think it's something like a $10 door charge, maybe less. If you're not competing. Competitors pay a bit more. But it'll be splendid! Hicks Park (between 21st and 31st, east off of Mingo), official start time around 10:30. So you should either go to graduation or the tournament. We'll have some splendid demos to see at the start, and Buck Sam Kong will be there! So it should be cool. I'll be sparring, which won't happen until later, but it'll be interesting to watch. Plus I'll be helping one student enter into the sparring set competition. Busy day, all around.

Oh, and this Sunday, lest you forget - it's Mother's Day! Yes, for mothers everywhere. It also happens to be the day Buck is giving two workshops, which will be excellent. So I'll have a full day.

It's been a crazy week. I've been hanging out with friends I either haven't seen in a while, or ones I just made. So it's been fun. Playing plenty of Jade Empire, with my very GOOD monk. I'm saving evil acts for the female character. She's both sexy and evil. Which somehow fits. Think what you will. If you're female, go ahead and be offended. And if you're male, go ahead and laugh, because it's true. And you ALL KNOW IT.

I've been getting back into Katamari Damacy! It's so cool. I love it. That's all I have to say about that.

Kung fu is crazy, with the full contact training. I found out something interesting on Saturday. Sifu told us he bumped our time from two to three minutes. We found out after class from sihing's grandfather Rudy that Sifu hasn't been completely straight with us. Apparently Rudy was watching the clock. So no, not three minutes. More like four and a half. Or more. Which is INSANE. And on that note, I actually held all my stances without falling once yesterday. Which is progress! Woo! Sifu even made a comment himself, that we're all improving, and he can tell. Oh, and earlier this week, I made a discovery. Normally the metal pole is reserved for people to poke a bit to see how soft they really are, and for Justin and I to condition our arms on, and a little with shins. Well, this week I went ahead and checked how my shins are doing, and I wasn't just bumping the pole with my shins, but actually KICKING it. The loud ringing coming through the classroom made everyone turn and look, and I just had to smile. Conditioning works! And I pity the next person who doesn't believe it and tries kicking me.

Anyway, I have to run to kung fu now, to help with the kids' class, and their sparring practice for the tournament. So it's a short blog today. But hey! I still have my random link for you! And today it's a GOOD one. Anyone with a cell phone will appreciate this. It helped me perpetuate my current Katamari Damacy fixation. Na naaaaa, na na na na na naaa naaa, na Katamari Damacy!
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What? An online dating service? That has EVERYTHING to do with Katamari Damacy!
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