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A new week begins
I had neglected to post my blog's address in my AIM profile, where it had resided previously for a duration of time. Well, I put it back, and it seems a substantial number of people have discovered (or re-discovered) my blog. A number have expressed concern over my recent tribulations with certain elements of my life, and I appreciate that. Thank you.

As I said before, it's a bit of a period of rediscovery, finding myself all over again. I feel oddly like I've gone semi-evil for a few days. I'm not sure how or why. I think it's just a bit of the darkness that's crept into my soul, based on recent events. Eh - everyone has their bad days. I'm certain mine will pass. Thankfully, it hasn't been ALL bad. I did go to a splendid wedding this weekend, with an excellent reception afterwards. There was much dancing. It was a full Catholic wedding, done at Christ the King (large church, downtown). Very traditional, quite nice. A large group of the young Catholics clustered over in the bride's side, making her (mostly non-Catholic) family moderately uncomfortable, I'm sure. It was okay, though - she was happy. Congrats, Adam and Lerin! They're both awesome people, and it's things like that that bring my spirit up.

In lighter news, I had Justin (Sihing) over this weekend, we watched a number of full-contact fighting matches on DVD. Entertaining, and educational. Regardless of what happens with my teaching position, I still plan on continuing my search for knowledge in martial arts. I may modify my level of commitment of time to it, to make room for other things in my life, although my devotion to the art will stay unchanged. So Justin had his prom this weekend, and took his girlfriend to Flavors (under my recommendation). I need to call him and find out what he thought, and how his evening went. Hopefully it was ALL rather tasty.

And I finished Jade Empire yesterday! It took a total of about 26 hours, so that means it actually took quite a while. I finished with my super-good monk, who did all things right and well through his path. And I've begun with my super-evil female character. Ooh, she's so bad. That somehow fits with how I've been feeling lately. But she really is evil. For example, with my monk, I discovered a situation of misunderstanding. A man was being accosted by a woman's minions (even being attacked by them), and all apparently because he was engaged to a different woman. The first woman (the jealous one) had the impression SHE was the one to marry the man, because he had promised marriage. When they were six. I took my character to talk to this jealous woman, and she brought the fiancee in to make things more interesting. The setup was the same with both of my characters, the monk and the evil woman. With my monk, I talked sense into the jealous woman, made her realize that promises made as children are not always carried into adulthood, and she apologized. Everything was good, and my character even made friends with all of them. That, and the engaged couple said they would name their first son after me. Well, okay. My EVIL character did things slightly differently. Once they were all brought together, the same story was revealed, and I encouraged the promise to be kept. And when the realism of keeping such a promise was questioned, I suggested the women fight, to have the victor win the man's hand in marriage. Well, both the man and the fiancee were perturbed at the idea, but I convinced the jealous woman to go ahead, and she killed the fiancee before she could even react. The man was horribly distraught, and in his grief vocally attacked the jealous woman. Well, being the type of woman she is, she reacted by attacking him, in a more physical sense, and in a few moments, he, too, was dead. Only then did she realize what she had done, and blamed it all on me, and attacked me, along with her minions. Eh, I had to kill them all. And then rob their establishment.

So yeah, my female character is a bit evil. Hopefully it will be good for me to relieve my dark emotions in a vicarious manner, and not influence more.

Ah - one of the other positive things this weekend was another mass I was at - this time to play guitar for. It was at Sts. Peter and Paul, where they have a moderately large Hispanic community. So they were going to do Pan De Vida, and apparently the choir director had issues finding the rhythm to the song, or something along those lines. So a friend of mine from the choir asked me to come help them out, which I did. It turned out pretty nicely, although I discovered my guitar has been damaged. I am not pleased by this. I need to look into it a bit more, but apparently the area where the strap attaches at the base of the body has detached itself. There's a screw there, I guess where it screws into the body (I need to look at it more closely), and the threads appear to have been stripped. Or something. At any rate, if I pull on it, it slides out easily, which it is NOT supposed to do. I'm rather unhappy about this, as it's my 12-string, which I happen to like quite a bit. It means I have to be careful about using my strap, now, as it could theoretically come out at anytime. I'm considering taking it in to a shop to get it fixed. It may just need some superglue, but I'd prefer to have it done properly fixed, if that's not the best solution. We'll see.

And I'm off to Kansas City this week, to go to Sean's wedding! I think it will do me good to get out of town for a few days. I'm going to take a guitar with me, but I'm not quite sure which one I'll take. Probably the 12-string. Maybe I'll get it fixed before I leave, if it's not too expensive. And restring it. Although I may wait to do that until after I get there, so I don't have to worry about the temperature in the car re-adjusting my string tension for me.

I'm thinking I'll probably take the week off from kung fu to prepare for my trip, as well as to just take a break, which I haven't really done in a long time. Hopefully when I return, I'll be reborn, have renewed vigor to pursue my many lifetime achievements I have lined up to accomplish. Any suggestions on how to catalyze that would be welcome.

And now it's time for random linking! I found a cool one. For everyone who has their doubts about Star Wars and the storyline, who thinks the characters there are missing something... check this out. Some of the best writing I've seen in a long time. Keep in mind, it's written in reverse order, and it was only started earlier this year, so there isn't TOO much there. I believe the final entry was posted last Wednesday, though. Make sure you have a little bit of time before you check it out - you may get sucked in.
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