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And I'm back for this weekend
Indeed. I was away! To another land, one in which people speak a different language. Fortunately, one which I understand. Yes, Mexico. I hadn't been in something like twelve years, which is sad. Because I have a lot of family there, and it's good to keep in touch. I got to see just about everyone, which was cool. A few people have changed a lot, some haven't changed so much. In twelve years, I think I've changed quite a bit. It was funny - my Tio Luis saw me and immediately thought of Edward Norton. Apparently he wasn't the only one who thought that - he thought of The Score, specifically. I don't know that I look THAT much like him, but maybe a little bit of similarity. What do you think? Anything at all?

Eh? Maybe?

So yeah, I got to see all my crazy relatives. It was a lot of fun. I took five hundred pictures. Seriously. Actually, something like 502 pictures, actually. But I have to go through them, copy them to the computer, organize them and all that. And I'll post a few. I have some good ones. Some of the good ones were from our visit to Teotihuacan. It was a very good excursion. I did get a little bit too much sun, though - especially on my neck, which some of you have already seen. But it was excellent. The altitude did weird things to my system - I slept a lot, but it was very good to get some extra sleep. We did get to go check out a movie theater with my cousin Alex that's called the VIP. We need one of them here! Incredible theater - tickets were about $9 American, as opposed to the standard ones which cost $5. They had recliners for the seats, imitation leather. Two chairs next to each other, and then a small table in between each pair. The chairs had a leg rest, plus they reclined fully. What's the table there for, you may be asking? Well, I'll tell you! They put a menu on there. That's right, a MENU. So you look through their selection of food and beverages, and place an order with the waiter, who comes and asks you what you'd like. The food had everything from standard movie food, such as hot dogs and popcorn, to sandwiches, to sushi. And the beverages included all sorts of crazy alcoholic things. I stuck to movie food, and got a hot dog. Best hot dog I've ever had in a theater. Came in a bun with sesame seeds! Delicious! And the ketchup came in a little cup, so you could pour it on ever so smoothly. I couldn't stop grinning through the whole experience.

So yeah, I did a few random things, but mostly visit family. A great trip. I recommend doing analogous things for you, wherever your family may reside.

This week I've just been getting back to things. The job hunt is still going on, although I put it on hold for a little bit to wait to hear back from the one position I'm waiting on. STILL no word. So I went ahead and decided to hit the rest of my possibilities, which are several. Sent the resume out to several places on Friday, and will continue on Monday. We'll see what happens. I just hope I get something I actually enjoy doing. I anticipate being back in the grind of things by mid-July.

And kung fu is still going strong. We got some good full contact fighting today. I fought mostly with Sihing today, and he popped me a few times very solidly. Once in the face, on my right cheekbone, and once in my left ear. It actually didn't bother me too much, although I'm thinking he could still hit quite a bit harder. And I did kind of have a ringing in my ear for a brief amount of time after he rattled me there. I did get a good recovery from a sweep he tried - he fully pulled my leg out from under me, and I collapsed onto the other leg, stumbled and almost fell, but managed to stay up. Everyone told me it looked like drunken style, and they were quite impressed I didn't actually fall. I did get to spar everyone else, too, and everyone's improving a lot. It was an excellent workout. The funny thing is that Crystal, the thirteen-year-old girl, kept putting down the two other guys in our class. She's rather tough. I think she'll be a handful to deal with as her training improves.

Lately I've been stuck on a new CD - a band called Muse. The lead vocalist sounds a bit like Thom Yorke, from Radiohead, but it's a lot more rock. I like it quite a bit. Makes me think about getting back into recording. The main reason I haven't been doing it as much as I'd like to is because it takes up hard drive space, and lots of it. So I'll need a new drive before I can get to recording as much as I'd like to.

Okay - it's Saturday night, and I should probably do more than just blog. So I will! But first - random link! This one I have to thank Sean for showing me. Well, two. The first is a truly random link. I'll just let you see it for yourself to understand. The second is a bit of news. About a very tough old man.
You're welcome. That is all.
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