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Time for reconstruction
Sorry for the long delay. It's been a while since my blog has seen any action. Perhaps it's because my life has seen a few changes, I've been busy otherwise. I mentioned, a while back, a bit about how sometimes you need to take a step back, reevaluate your life. Well yeah - this would be that moment for me, in a major way.

Start with the beginning, I guess. I drove out to Kansas City for my friend Sean's wedding, stayed there about half a week. It was an excellent time, a lot of new experiences. I got to meet a few people, so that was cool. The drive was actually interesting, in that I got to break in my GPS, which turned out to be really useful. I used it a TON - I think it's already paid for itself. I just plugged in an address, or looked up the name of a location, and it'd pop up. I'd just hit "GO" and I was off, being directed by a woman with a British accent. British accents are sexy. Even on the way there, I was originally going to Sean's parents' place, and I ended up needing to go to one of the other groomsmen's house, so I just punched in the address while I was driving and it readjusted the route. I drove up, and all I had to call Sean for was so he could open the door for me. Very cool stuff.

Anyway, I got there, hung out with Sean and the other groomsmen, we got to play a bit, it was fun. Then meet with his family, hang out with the bridesmaids, and so forth. The wedding itself was incredible. It was a traditional Catholic wedding, in a very big church. Sean and Liz got a string quartet for the music, which was very nice. The whole thing went surprisingly smoothly, and I was impressed with the whole thing. It was an honor to be part of the celebration.

One weird thing during the weekend, the day before the wedding... I got a phone call from my old co-worker, Steve. He called to let me know that one of his friends (named Dan), a guy I had talked to a few times before, had been in a motorcycle accident. Apparently he died from the injuries. It was a really weird thing to hear, the day before a wedding. Reminded me of the balance of life - for every moment you have that's good, there's going to be one that's bad. But as an optimistic person, I prefer reminding myself on my bad days - even if today's a horrid, horrid day, there will come a day sometime later that will be just as awesome as this one was sucky. This goes for everyone. Even YOU, Faithful Reader.

But yeah. The trip to Kansas City was very good, overall. The wedding was awesome. It's still weird to think of Sean as a married man, though. I think it'll be weirder when he has kids. Just shove the whole concept of adulthood into my head further. Bleah - I'll always be a kid. Even when I have my grandkids. Perhaps ESPECIALLY when I have my grandkids. I'll be just a silly old man, cackling for dumb reasons, spoiling my grandkids rotten. Indeed!

I got back later on Sunday, started the week. Still had the whole thing with kung fu in the air, but I was a little better about how I felt about it. I really think I just had suffered a bit of burnout from everything. Pushed myself beyond my limits - even IF I don't like to admit I have limits. I was still going to take a few more days off, before returning.

I found out Sunday that my other friend Steve's brother had passed away, which he found out about after he returned from Ireland. I had never met his brother, but Steve's been a friend of mine for years, so Tuesday I went to a prayer service for his brother. It was good to see how many people showed up to support his family.

Ah, and Wednesday. Started normally, I suppose. Got to work, got a few things done. Then I get called into the office, and my suspicions as to why I was getting called were accurate. Sometimes you just get a hunch about things, you know? Well, it was right - they pulled me in to let me know they were laying me off. I got no advance notice, it was just sort of a sudden thing. I asked why, and they simply told me I wasn't a good fit for the position (in so many words). No other details, really. Since I was still on the probationary period (it's a year long with the City, apparently), that was about it. I just packed my stuff with my boss watching me to make sure I didn't try anything suspicious, and then he walked me out. I hope you guys never have to go through that; there's something quite humiliating about being escorted out of your employment. I'd like to think I took it well - at that particular moment, I think my boss looked more upset than I did. I think he actually liked me.

So that cemented the need for my whole life re-organization. As far as why they actually let me go - I think it was partially because of the reconstruction of the city's IT department. They're planning on consolidating all the IT departments from each section, including Public Works, Police, Fire, etc. Since I didn't really fit into a specific role (I did anything they threw at me - maybe a little TOO quickly), I was easy to release. Sadly, I think it was my co-workers that appreciated me, since I ended up helping them with a lot of other things, when they didn't have anyone else to go to. I think my bosses will realize how much I helped everyone else a little too late.

Well, I started looking for re-employment before I had even left the parking lot, and managed to get two interviews set up within 24 hours of my departure from the city. It's looking MUCH better than it did a year ago, when it was a huge pain in the butt to get even one interview. And it looks like my changing jobs might actually be a decent step upwards. A lot of the stuff I was working on before was on proprietary software, so it had no real use as job experience. Just FYI, that SUCKS. I'd like to get some real experience I can build on, try to find something to work with that's FUN. We'll see how it goes. In fact, I've got another meeting tomorrow morning to see about setting up a potential interview, which is good stuff.

I went to kung fu on Saturday for sparring and full-contact training, for the first time in about a week and a half. It was good to be back. I got to actually spar with a few people, and it felt good to get smacked around a bit. Although not TOO much. Sihing wasn't there on Saturday, so I think I did more hitting than getting hit. And full-contact training broke me down nicely, so I felt like a nap was in order after I finished. Even if I didn't really get one.

I did get to go by and say hey to the family over the weekend, which was good. And play in the choir at Newman for the first time in a few weeks, which I was happy to do. Although my guitar is currently INJURED. Yes. Somehow I managed to get a washer loose inside the bottom of it, so the screw where the electronics connect (and where I plug in my tuner, or an amp) is loose. I need to get it fixed, somehow. Probably soon. But seeing as how I don't have any steady income yet, I may have to wait.

I think that catches me up to today. Where I went in to talk to Sifu about instructing again, and I think everything's cool again. A little bit of rescheduling which classes I'll attend, help instruct during, and so forth. And I went to class, to help teach! Which felt very good to do again. I even started learning my new form! Ng Cho Kuen. It looks like it might be cool.

Okay. So all that being said and caught up, I think it's time for pictures! No, not China. I'm lazy with my China pictures. I'll put them up eventually, but for today, it's Kansas City! And the wedding. Here you go.

The church! Yes, it was very pretty.

Ah, the bride and groom. This is the before picture. The dress looked quite amazing. And I'm a GUY saying that.

The bride and groom... in the AFTER picture. I really like this picture. Spontaneous one - Sean had just turned around.

And they're off! In their lovely limo.

The groomsmen. Looking quite dapper.

Two of the bridesmaids. Looking... erm, dangerous.

And sure, why not. One of ME. In the tux. Make your own comment.

So that's been the craziness that's filled my life lately. Kept me away from my blog, it has. But sometimes you need to just step AWAY from things to get things in order. I think it's all helped me a lot, though. I feel a lot more at ease, somehow. Which is good.

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Well, that sure sucks about loosing your job. But a new opportunity may be just the thing you need right now.

And might I say, hottie!

That are sure nice bridesmades who i would love the fuck in there big US asses.

Greetings from Europe!!
welcome back, captain. ;)

indeed, you in a tux is quite hot. of course any guy that wears a tux earns 50 extra hottness points. i'll let you decide what i mean.

It was a delight to have you there. Hartmeyer had a great time hanging out with you too... until, well ya know.

You should come up and visit more often!!! Oh, and bring your sexy British lady with you, too. ;)

Thank you for the wonderful comments, both about the wedding in general and my dress! Don't get too excited about the whole kids thing, though--you'll be waiting awhile.

I'm glad you had fun!

Perhaps your other posters should learn correct English grammar and spelling before they post? Just a suggestion. He is, however, talking about my girls.

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