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Ah, my blog... it has been too long
Huh. I almost FORGOT I had a blog. Go figure that.

Yeah, it's been a while. I've been busy! Sort of. Been back from the land down below (not down under, that's a different land entirely). Mainly looking for work, still. The one job I was hoping for never got back to me. Or their HR department, for that matter. It looks like they're in no hurry to fill the position. TOO BAD. For THEM. I've got a few irons in the fire, pigs in the blanket, frogs on the harvest, whatever - but nothing definite. One I'm looking forward to I'll hear back about sometime in the next two days. And this one would also rank in my "preferred" list. Something cool to work with, and good for my experience. I'll give more detail when I know more, and when it's more definite.

Aside from that, it was a lovely holiday weekend. I spent a night at the lake, got some nice bites all over my legs. Well, my feet. Got a decent amount of sun, some fun time with good people. Excellent bratwurst, too. A little bit of fireworks, but nothing overly fancy. The big fireworks were saved for Monday, at the river. And they were great! Before that, I went and met up with some friends on the shore, took my guitar and played until sunset. It always sounds so romantic to everyone I tell, except for the fact there were no women I was playing for, specifically. Maybe someday. I DID get some applause, though, which was cool. From random people. One from an older couple behind me, and the guy's name was Eric. So I complemented him, and he complemented me. It worked out. The actual fireworks were really good. And I got to hang out with some people I haven't seen in a long time - one guy I graduated with, named John. Big John! He's a cool Texan guy, now teaching high schoolers. His wife (Nadine) just got her Master's degree in some kind of psychology, which gives her bonus points. They're very good people.

So this week has been back to looking up work stuff. And kung fu, which started (in my new schedule) today. Full contact class - a new level today. New level of PAIN. Yeah - Sifu started us with some stretching, then the stances. Twelve minutes of stance work. Then several minutes of various aerobic exercises, such as push-ups, jumping jacks, etc. And then something like ten minutes of running. In a CIRCLE. Followed by five minutes of SPRINTING. Yeah, that's the worst I've been exhausted in a very long time. A minute break, then onto fighting practice, against the bags. That for a while, then sparring. So I sparred both Cory and Justin (Sihing), in a row. I guess Cory was supposed to be my warmup. It's the first time I was so tired I actually preferred getting hit to spending energy blocking. I saved up a bit, Sifu gave Cory some pointers on how to actually hit me harder, and then I put a bit back at Cory to make him actually stop. And since he did, Sifu put Justin up against me. So yeah - Sihing, being the superhuman he is, had plenty of energy, and we laid into each other quite a bit. Cory said later it looked like an all-out brawl, that we were beating the crap out of each other. And really, we kind of were. I finally had to stop from exhaustion, which made me dry-heave a few times. For the first time - I guess it's a new level for me. Ugh. We left some bruises on each other - he put a nice one on my ribs, very dark red. And I left a nice little reminder on his eyebrow. I think I actually tore some of his eyebrow hair out when I hit him. He rather liked it, though. I think he does like having battle scars, as do I. I think being in kung fu for a certain amount of time makes a person more masochistic.

And now I'm eating some quick Bueno, just finished watching the Core. Ugh. What a bad movie. It started promising, a few scenes that got me interested. And then they tried being scientific. I kept wondering about a few major issues they seemed to have skipped. But there was a big computer nerd in the movie that referred to his skills as "kung fu". As in, "my kung fu is good". So that did earn some bonus points. It started good, though, and only went down from there. It was asymptotically horrid. Exponentially incrementing in BAD MOVIE. So that the last few scenes were bad enough to make me realize I should have stopped the movie LONG BEFORE. Eh, seriously, I couldn't. I had to continue to see if the equation filled out. And yes, it did. The equation of BAD MOVIE. The Core completes it.

I'm putting up some Mexico pictures soon, when I get my camera back from the family. They were going to copy the pictures over, but I should get it back soon, so I can get some of my pictures, too.

Okay. Random link time. Want to know how fast you type? I had to find out. Apparently a net speed of 94 WPM, at 97% accuracy. Gross speed of 96 WPM. So not TOO shabby, I guess. Blogging probably helps. My kung fu is GOOD. Why don't you check yours out?
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