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Blogging is silly
Which is, of course, why I do it. Mmm, to blog. It sounds irresponsible, somehow. Perhaps it is. I'm sure when I do it, it is. I really don't know where I'm going with this.

Ah, another week. I'm still dwelling in the city's lovely lack of IT employment opportunities. Had an interview, went okay, but I'm not really the best fit, since I don't have a lot of the skills they wanted. So I may take another position where I would be ON CALL. Which is potentially a bad thing, but it might be okay. In some ways it's good, since every time I'll be working, I'll actually have something to work on. Which is the way I prefer things. So maybe it was a match made in Heaven! Or on, anyway. I'll know more next week.

So this weekend was going to be the trip to Plano for kung fu. It still happened, but I didn't go. Mainly because Justin couldn't get off from work, so he wasn't going to do his full contact match, and I didn't need to drive anyone else there. Gas money is expensive, so it looks like the best thing to do was just chill here. Which is okay. Next weekend is what Sihing will be doing instead, which is going to be fighting full contact at the Tulsa Convention Center - Saturday at 8 (doors open at 6, music starts at 7). No headgear, ten ounce gloves, all in a ring (not an octogon). Find out more details here. I won't be able to be there, because I'll be working the TEC retreat the same weekend. Argh! I wish I could see him fight - I have a feeling he'll give his opponent at least a little bit of trouble. From what I hear, though, they'll be recording all of it and releasing it on DVD. So whatever happens, I'll be able to see it later, and it will be remembered FOREVER. Hopefully it'll go well.

So to prepare, we've been sparring a bit more this week. Yesterday Sifu was out of town (in Plano), so Justin, Cory, and I did the full contact class. It was a little different, but we ended up doing three two minute rounds, just me and Justin. (Cory didn't want to fight hard against either of us, for some reason.) We got rougher than I think we ever have, or at least in a long time. I had full headgear on, and he had 16 ounce gloves, so he was hitting me harder than usual. It was nice. We kept nailing each other in the head pretty hard. No kicking for our practice, so it was basically boxing. Hard and fast boxing. Cory kept time, and he let us run fifteen extra seconds, because we were going so hard he wanted to keep watching a little bit longer. It was a lot of fun, though. Thankfully nothing got broken or bloodied, which was good. Although we did knock the snot out of each other.

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So today's Megan's last day as choir director at Newman. I'm not sure what'll happen after this, but I think a freshman (well, now a sophomore) girl named Julie will be taking the reigns, by Megan's choice. Who knows if I'll stick around or not. Whatever does happen, I'll keep playing guitar somewhere. Guess we'll just have to wait and find out the details.

Okay, enough for today. Time for random link! This is definitely random. I'm not sure how I found it, but here are some additional benefits to kung fu.
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