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I am up TOO LATE
Yeah, I'm up too late, but hey. What's keeping me up? One of my passions... no, not Pepsi - music! I put up my band page on MySpace, and it's starting to get hits. And I've had a few people add me as friends, and it's opening my eyes to what's really out there. And making me realize my music really isn't too bad. Even the one vocal song I put on isn't too bad, although I personally think it has a lot of room to go for improvement. But hearing what other people have posted for their music makes me actually feel like what I write is good enough to merit further improvements. Oh, I changed the page, to make it make a bit more sense - it's now at Yes, that's my middle name, but it rolls off the tongue a little more easily, which makes for good band naming. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know! I'm all ears.

I should probably start writing more music that is more than mixing multiple guitar parts, since it'd be good to be able to PLAY my music for other people. Maybe a couple of basic acoustic numbers. That would be a potentially good thing. And that would require the song to be recognizable when I'm playing just one guitar. Maybe if I get enough songs to make an album, I can sell it on CD Baby. Imagine that.

Well, it was a good weekend. Kung fu Saturday morning consisted of mainly attending to the testing for this period of two months. So I helped by holding boards (to be broken, naturally) and whatever else was necessary. And what else was necessary? One of the students who I don't see so much (since he takes during the day, not night) named Truman tested in a sparring set, the second one. I haven't practiced that set in multiple months. And he was trying to do it with a different student who's only known it for a little while. Sifu stopped them and had me step in to take the other side of the set. I'd never practiced it with Truman, so it made me nervous. But we got to it, and yes, I MESSED IT UP. I switched the ending of the first side with the second side. We finished it both times, but I felt bad. That, and I felt bad because I threw a technique he was supposed to block, but didn't quite block hard enough, and smacked him with the back of my fist right in the side of his eye. He commented after about it, saying that at least he knows I can hit hard. I did feel bad. He passed his test, though, which is what counts.

And full contact class followed all that. It wasn't quite as bad as last time, but it was still very painful. Rather, exhausting. The other students were laying into each other quite a bit when we got to sparring, it was funny to watch them. Justin and I took it a little easier, not going so crazy, but trying to pick out good techniques. Although he got a very good hit at the end of class. Good enough that Sifu laughed at me, because I said, "Ow... good..." as I bent over in pain, trying to get my breath back. It was a perfect heel kick into my solar plexus, totally took the wind out of me. Best kick he's landed on me in a long time. But it was still a good time. I found out from Crystal's (our crazy 13-year-old) mom that she gets nervous sparring me and Justin because even blocking our attacks hurts more than anyone else. She had a nice bruise on her arm, and she told me it was from blocking one of my kicks the day before. I'm not sure if I should feel bad or not, because she seemed to be more amused by it than upset.

Okay, I think I should get some rest. Big day tomorrow! I hope. For job stuff. I have some leads I need to follow up on, we'll see how it turns out. Random link? Okay! One of those very random links. If you feel the desire to post your results in a comment, by all means, go ahead.

Your text wrap seems to be broken. Might want to check that out. --Seanicus
Thanks. I didn't know if it was just me seeing it or not. It's fixed!
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