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Quick Friday night blog action
It's Friday night! Another week gone by. Sadly, another week without a job, but hey, I say enjoy it while I can. Although I do have good news! I have an interview on Monday. So progress, that is good. Hopefully it will go well. I may have to review some material here before heading over, to brush up on the necessary information.

I just got back from seeing Wedding Crashers. It's rather crude, but you can't help but laugh at a lot of it. I thought it was actually a decent movie. I will say I also saw Million Dollar Baby this week, and it's a really good movie. I won't really say more about it - I'll let you judge that one for yourself.

Kung fu this week was fairly standard. Had some good moments. I felt a lot more "on" this week, especially in a teaching function. I felt very useful, like my knowledge was being shared and understood, which is very rewarding. That's something I've noticed over the years - the things I've learned a lot about, such as guitar and kung fu - I love sharing these things with other people, helping them discover it for themselves. Actually, that goes for several things. It's another reason I really hate ruining movies for people, I think they should see them for the first time without knowing anything, experiencing it the first time as a whole novel experience. This could be said about several things, but being that I just saw a movie, it's the first thing that came to mind.

I did just use my kung fu a few minutes ago! See, I was going to refill my orange juice, which for some reason was unusually delicious to me tonight. So I put my glass on the counter, still with ice in it, and open the refrigerator door to retrieve the juice. Alas! I bumped the glass as I reach for the door, and tip it over, off the countertop. It accelerates at 9.6 meters per second (squared) towards the unyielding linoleum! So, with my kung fu reflexes, I intuitively reach for the glass, and grab it firmly (but not too strongly), my fingertips circling the base of the glass. The ice did fall out of the glass (I'm not THAT good... yet), but a greater tragedy was avoided. I could not help but smile at the good fortune I had. It really is the little things that make our lives so much happier. Green lights, sleeping soundly, strangers smiling at you. That's why I'm grateful for every one of them - I try to make sure to notice them when they happen. It's very easy to notice the bad things, no matter how small they are, but it's much better to notice to good things. I think it's good for the heart.

I did get to partake in a Halo 2 LAN party this week. It was quite glorious. Three XBoxen, ten to twelve people at a time. It was a lot of fun. Crazy moments, but it was good times. Halo 2 is best when played with people you know, not the cranky bastards that talk schmack on Live too much. Ooh, those people push my buttons! And not the good ones.

So my band page has gotten some good hits, and I've had a few people notice me, which is cool. I've started recording a little bit again, although digital audio takes up a lot of space, and I'll need another drive before I can really get into full recording again. Oh well, it'll have to be put on a short pause. I can still write music, just not really record it yet.

So tomorrow's a big day! Tournament at Nathan Hale. I can't really afford to enter it, so I'm just going as a spectator, to help where I can. Although I kind of wish I could go into the sparring division, just to get another shot at those silly taekwondo guys who always try to give me advice on why my stance is bad. How I should turn completely sideways to leave less target available. That may work when you're playing tag, and the first touch is the only one that counts - but try doing that in a full contact ring, and you will get OWNED. I'm very interested to see some of our students spar, particularly Cory. A few of them are used to only continuous sparring, and with fairly good contact. Last time Cory was in a tournament he ended up hurting the other guy, and knocking his mouthpiece AND contact lens away from his face. I don't think the non-Chinese martial artists around here are used to that sort of sparring. We'll see what happens.

And after that, it's time for a friend of mine, Jon Mills, to actually join the Catholic church. He's been part of Newman forever, but he wasn't actually Catholic. I guess he's finally decided to go all the way, so I'll be helping by playing the music for him. Probably a good thing I won't spar at the tournament, so I can keep my fingers intact to play. Anyone who knows him and wants to attend, it'll be at Newman at 7:30 on Saturday. Yes!

Okay, I should get some sleep for the tournament. Might be a good idea. So I have a random link! I like this one a lot. Maybe my sense of humor is just weird, but it made me smile quite a bit. Why don't you check it out for yourself?
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