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What? Blogging two days in a ROW? Yeah, I am. I have a reason. I got onto MySpace after a friend invited me, and I found out there's an ability to upload music. SO... I went ahead and "made" a band. Check me out! Yeah, I named the band "closEnough". Creative, a bit, but I actually named it based on a band I had with a friend named Wojo. That, and "Close Enough" was already taken by some crazy UK guys. So I took something else. I put a few of my songs up - they only allow four, so I put four of my better (in my opinion) songs, although the one I have up there with vocals is going to HAVE to change. I think it still needs work, and I need to write a few more with vocals to have something halfway decent to put up there.

Oh, and if you're on MySpace, I actually got on with a normal account, too. If you're on there, add me, if you'd like.

That is all! For now. Oh, plus this random link.
Actually, Eric... you're listed as "Eric Alan" not "closEnough". Go figure.
Yeah - on the next blog entry (above) I mentioned that I changed the page, which also means I changed the band name. It makes more sense that way, I think.
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