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The weekend approaches
And it's a big one! TEC comes! Yes, the young adult Catholic retreat I've been helping with for the past few years. It seems like I have a permanent position as the music guy, which I have no problem with. It's a lot of work, but it does act well as a retreat. A lot of people get an opportunity they don't normally have to find themselves. I just hope I'm able to help them do that.

So this week has provided a few different interesting events, but nothing groundbreaking, yet. The job hunt is starting to get depressing. I've been able to keep my chin up so far, but I don't know how much longer. It's looking like I may have to just take anything (which means ignoring the skills I've aquired with my Master's degree), in addition to finding a roommate to split the rent with. But we'll see what happens. I've still got hope.

Megan's last stint as choir director turned out all right. The music turned out quite nicely, and now Julie is taking the reigns as director. I don't know how the choir will go this next semester, but I think it may be quite nice.

And Monday was quite interesting. At kung fu, that is. We had a new student come to class. Nothing unusual, except for the fact that this particular student is in his 70s. Sifu put me in charge of breaking him in, which was a new lesson for me in patience. I still have no idea why he signed up for kung fu, because from what I can see, it looks like he's never done any martial arts before. I really believe that it's never too late to start anything, so I'm cool with him in our class, but it's a bit rigorous for even younger, fit people, so I just hope he does okay. It was something just to get him to have an idea of where the feet should be for each stance - I didn't even attempt to convey that we normally hold our stances at a level that keeps the thighs parallel to the ground.

Well, this weekend is the big fight, for Justin and Crystal. Justin's picture isn't up yet, but his opponent is. Here's the list. Justin's opponent is going to be the sixth guy down, named Brian Twitty. He's a third degree black belt in taekwondo, and has some Muay Thai experience, although how much we didn't really find out. Crystal's now on the list - check her out! Last one there, at the moment. And the age listing for her is wrong. She's not actually 14, she's 13. Her opponent is supposed to be a pretty tough girl, who's 17. Something Lopez - she's not listed there, though. We had one of the organizers come by tonight, and he saw Justin, said Justin had ten or fifteen pounds on his opponent. Apparently the organizer actually took kung fu from Sifu a while back, but couldn't hack it, and had to drop out. Which means he has more appreciation for Justin's skill than most probably do. We got pictures posing on their truck, which should turn out fun. I'll see if I can put them up when I get a copy. If you can make it, you should go check it out! If you can handle watching fights. Justin got his gloves today, and they are not soft. I think there will be blood spilled in the ring sometime on Saturday. And I can't be there! Ugh. I wish I could, but I'll be out of town. If you're curious about it, check here. Tickets available at Albertson's.

Okay, time for random links. Yes, links. I have a few. The first is a news bit my dad sent me. It is just too crazy cool - read for yourself. Another one is the band I've been listening to lately, I found a page they have on MySpace. They have a few songs listed, and I like them. Ooh, and for creative points, this page is just interesting enough be to be intriguing. And finally - most of you SHOULD know about this, but if you don't... you need to.
newman was not the same this past weekend without music, again. i'm glad you had a good time though and that you're back. =)
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