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Ah, Beethoven
Yes, I'm listening to Symphony No. 7. I like it quite a bit, although I especially like the second movement. I know, I know, EVERYONE likes the second movement, but hey. So work is still a distant memory/hope, but I AM making some progress. Had an interview today, which was good. And another tomorrow, which is also good. Yay! I have a part time side job, as well, being an educator. No, not kung fu. No, not guitar. But computers! Yes, someone who is rather computer illiterate wanted some instruction on understanding computers, so I am helping her out. For enough money to help put a dent in the bills. So that's good for me. AND for her. Hopefully. We had our first lesson today, and I think it went well. I taught her about MS Word, how to use it, and about the clipboard and copying and pasting. To give you an idea, she didn't even know what highlighting was, or how to do it, and what it's good for. Much less copy and pasting. So I think the progress was decent. We'll see how it goes.

So I've been noticing, as I use the TV occasionally (as I do), a SPIDER crosses the screen. Goodness! I get up to smush it fast! But no, it gets away and I can't find it. So it happened a couple of times, and finally I managed to get to it before it got away - SMUSH! Oh wait, there wasn't a smush. That's right, there was NO SMUSH. Did I miss? No! I pull the napkin away and it's still there! Plenty of life left in it! What happened, you might be wondering? As I was myself, for about .34 seconds. And then I realized, it's living IN MY TV. Yes, that's right. It was under the protective screen above the REAL TV screen, which is which screen the spider was actually on. I'm debating on cracking the TV open to hunt it down, or maybe removing my protective screen (which can be done, as I have before), but I'm paranoid about protecting my screen. Oh well. For the moment, Mr. Spider, you shall live. Enjoy! Roll up your victim bugs while you can! Because the day may come when I will roll up YOU. In a nice paper towel, perhaps. Or even a kleenex.

So yesterday I did something new. Brand new, yes! I FRIED an EGG. That's right, I had never done that before yesterday. Laugh, go ahead. But I did it, and I felt substantially proud of myself. I even fried it over medium. Now I have scrambled eggs before, and boiled them, naturally, but never fried one. It always made me nervous to. That, and I never buy eggs. But I did it! And I was so happy, I was going to get to eat a fried egg (over medium) that I had cooked. And I like fried eggs! I was so happy I had to do a little dance while I put it on a plate. And then I decided I was HUNGRY, so I had to fry a second egg! Yes! And I did it, too! How'd that one turn out? Great. And both of them? They were DELICIOUS. It's making me hungry, talking about all these fried eggs. I might just have to go fry another one here in a moment. Mmmm, mmmm.

Lately my friends have been putting together Halo nights, which we haven't done in a while. So I've been part of the cacophony of gunfire and shouting. It's fun stuff. And a bit of DOA3, which is always great. Me and Justin (not Sihing, a different one) like to pair up with Leon and Bass, for our Patty Cake pair of PAIN. See, when that particular team wins a match, they turn to each other and play a little bit of patty cake. "PATTY CAKE! PATTY CAKE! RAAAAAAR!" And they unleash the pain in team tags of GREAT JUSTICE. One of them involves Bass grabbing the hands of the opponent, swinging them up as the other team member (Leon) rushes in and grabs the feet. Then they swing them up, then down, then up, and down into the ground. BOOM! It's the hammock move. Another team tag is where Leon sets up the opponent as Bass slams into them, and then they both run madly OVER the poor opponent, stomping merrily. Mad merriment, I tell you. It's a lot of fun.

Anyway, I traded some movies with Justin (DOA Justin). I gave him Payback, an EXCELLENT film. With Mel Gibson. Well, it's a very fun film. So what'd he give me? Zardoz. Oh God. I hadn't even heard of it before (as is probably true with most of you now), and I decided NOT to look it up to see what kind of movie I might want to expect. And now that I've seen it, I think looking it up still would not have prepared me. It's got Sean Connery in it. How? I wonder the same thing. It's both a horrible movie, and horribly FASCINATING. It has so many elements that are completely gone from any sort of normality, that searching for meaning in various possible interpretations of the human "reality" becomes necessary. That's all I have to say about it. Trying to think of other things to say about it hurts my head.

The XBox 360 is coming out this year. I have mine pre-ordered. But silly Microsoft, they had to go and pull some shenanigans. Oh man. Oh well, I can't even think about that until after I land my next fabulous job.

Kung fu? I haven't even talked about it! And I think for today, I'll take a kung fu break. I did manage to scrape the skin off of a couple of my knuckles today in full contact training, but it wasn't bad.

So choir's coming back in full force at Newman, and it's great. I've missed having the full choir there, and it's been going pretty good. Except for this last Sunday, when I was playing and all of a sudden my G string snapped! Yes, think all your naughty thoughts and go ahead and get them out of the way. Since it's a 12-string, I still had another string there, but it meant that the pressure was off, so it went way out of tune, which was sucky. I had to figure out a way to retune it quickly when I could. The funny thing was that hardly anyone noticed I even broke a string. Because I KEPT PLAYING. Yeah, that's right, I can manage under pressure. Even when my G string comes RIGHT OFF.

Okay, enough shenanigans from ME. I don't know why I'm in such a good mood... I think it might have something to do with landing two interviews in a row, PLUS some part time work for a bit o' income. Yeah, that's all good news bears. How come we never seen them? Huh? How come the BAD news bears always have to show their faces? I like the good news bears better. Anyway! Time for a random link. I like new toys! All sorts of new technology is fun. And this definitely fits in that category. Oh, and here's a recipe for an omelet, too.
i'm glad all of the choir is back together, too. it sounded so good tonight!
You are too cute-- congrats about the egg!
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