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Labor day!
It's labor day. Ironically, I'm not doing a lot of labor today. That's okay, though! I'm getting excited about doing labor TOMORROW. That's right, I start work tomorrow! Yay! I've finished all my paperwork, have everything ready. Just should probably do some laundry, then I'll be set. That, and get some SLEEP. But I'm excited.

So this weekend's been crazy. It turned into a bachelor pad party on Friday, and I didn't even mean for it to. That's right, the morning after, I felt kinda bleah, had a bunch of beer bottles strewn throughout the apartment, as well as a cooler still containing plenty more. It was a lot of fun, though. I think I may have had a little TOO much. One can only have so much Pepsi, you know. Oh well. Me and Justin (Sihing) got together, and some more kung fu boys ended up coming over. We stayed up, talked, played a variety of games (including some crazy DOA action with Carlos and Brandon), and had munchies early in the morning. We got one guy trashed nicely - he'd never had any Jager, so he tried a couple of shots. He'd never taken a shot before, either, and sadly, I could give him more instruction on how you're supposed to do it than what he already knew. Although we were going to drive him home, since he was in no condition to drive, and he snuck out the door (supposedly to smoke), and then drove home. Sihing was rather upset he didn't listen to us, so apparently he's going to give this particular student a lesson in listening to what Sihing has to say next time we spar in class. A lesson consisting of a nice right hook. I hope I can be there to see it, should be interesting.

And I saw the Transporter 2 this weekend. It's what I would call a popcorn flick, as was the first one. A mindless romp through action and adventure. Keep in mind, I said mindless. Yes, don't expect this to be realistic WHATSOEVER. If you can do that, it's a rather fun movie.

The main thing lately has been the recovery from Katrina. So I'm going to go ahead and put the major links here, for anyone who hasn't sent in something to help, so you can have another way or two to do it. There's the Red Cross, naturally, as well as the United Way. And being who I am, I will include Catholic Charities, as well. Anything else you might want to find out on how to help you can most likely find here. This is the widest hit of suffering our generation has seen in this country, so I think reaching out is a good thing to do. I've given some, but will probably do a bit more after I actually start getting paid.

In other news, we're getting ready for the open house in St. Louis this coming Saturday. A kung fu open house! For one of the old students of Sifu, named Nick, who opened his own school. We'll be doing a lion dance (and yes, I'll be the lion head again), as well as a few demos. Hopefully it will all go well. We have one other student who's opened his own school, in town, named Chris. Sihing and I are interested to go check them out. From what we hear, their sifu has been giving them... interesting methods on sparring. We may have to step up and show them why they may consider other techniques. And throwing strong leg kicks against knees may be a bad idea. Especially if you're expecting to hit a soft knee, but hit someone's not so soft shin. Anyone who knows me well knows my shins aren't TOO soft. And Sihing's are about the same.

And it's birthday time! Lots of birthdays! Brandon had his at the end of last month, Carlos had his yesterday. If you know them, say hey, tell them they're getting OLDer. Carlos finally caught up to me! Although, sadly, I'll be outpacing him again at the end of the month. Oh well.

Okay, I gots to go to a cookout. Free food! How can I pass that up? Well, hope everyone had a lovely Labor Day weekend. I'll leave you with a random link. Yes! Random! I play guitar, indeed. But some people play something just a LITTLE bit different.
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