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Bloody knuckles
Did you ever play that? I never did. I probably thought I was too much of a wuss. Although nowadays I'd have no problem with it. My guess is most people who'd play me probably would. As it is, my knuckles are currently kinda bloody. We had a good full contact class yesterday - the other Eric showed up for the first time. Sifu broke him in nicely. We started with good stances, and he pushed his horse right away, which might have been a mistake. He started collapsing after the first minute, and kept falling after that for a while. Even through his other stances. While we held the horse, Sifu walked by each of us, throwing either punches into our stomachs or kicking us in the legs. It was good stuff. Maybe I'm just a masochist.

So yeah, we did all that, and then got to working the bag. Eric didn't have bag gloves, so I loaned him mine, which is why I now am missing some skin from a few of my knuckles. It's okay, though, it'll grow back. Wanna see? I know you do.

Ain't it pretty? Yeah - they've actually healed a lot in one day, it was worse yesterday. So even though I got bloody knuckles, it takes a decent amount of force to get there.

Oh, and we're doing an open house for kung fu on November 5th. Put it in your calendar! We talked about it today, to see what we'll be doing. There will be a lion dance (and I'll be in the lion). We'll be doing some forms, and some self-defense. Showing how the different animal styles look when using them for self-defense purposes. And normally we pick a different person to demonstrate each animal. But this year ONE person is doing all the self-defense demos, for all five animals. Guess who? No, not Sihing. That's right. It's ME. Hopefully I can think of some good moves to demo with and not kill Cory with them. So that ALONE should be reason enough for you to come check it out. Probably be at one in the afternoon, on that Saturday. And there will be other demos being done. Should be fun.

So that's kung fu. Work is still going. We got training this week! It was fun for a change. Normally they take two or three weeks to train. It was for me and one other new guy (Joe), so our boss talked to the trainer about doing an accelerated version of the training, in one week. Well, being that we're a little more experienced than average (and perhaps kind of smart, too), we did that week's worth of accelerated training in... a day and a half. Yes, that's right. So we moved on from there to two other training sessions he had, that he hadn't planned on using. And we finished those in... a day. Lunch on Wednesday we were done. That's how it was - three times the original amount of training done in about half the time originally planned. I hope our boss notices. Oh, that, and I actually taught the trainer a couple of things about the software he was training us in that he didn't know about. Which surprised him. We got projects today, though, which is good. I'm basically done with mine. Just don't have access enough to test it, which is weird. But okay. I'm happy to have work!

I got Unleashed on DVD yesterday. It's so good! Jet Li, in a movie that doesn't have rap OR DMX in it. Not even any real cocky "good" guys in it. There's a real movie there, and it's even a good one. And even with Morgan Freeman in it! I really liked the fight scenes, and I was happy Jet got a role that he could get room to ACT in. Unlike most of his other American stuff. I think we can all thank Luc Besson for this one. Check it out! I can actually recommend this one. It does have a bit of violence in it, but you can usually expect that in any movie with a major martial artist in it.

Okay, I have two random links. Both QUITE random. The first one is... well, I'm going to apologize now for it. It caused me much pain. You'll understand. The second one I find myself strangely addicted to. And I have no idea why. Perhaps because it's interactive. Maybe you'll get addicted, too. And accept it as an apology for the first one.
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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ah, anonymous ad posters. Your ads DIE HERE!
Your random links are ODD. That is all.
That second link is... mildly disturbing.

No,I'm not an ad.

Pictures of bloody knuckles, and random links containing a hip-hop cowboy and a barely-dressed lady that you can slide off of bubbles?

Come on, Ericus! On behalf of your lady audience, give us something we can enjoy!

That is all.

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