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Busy like a bee
Why are bees so busy? Do they have full time jobs? And too many extra activities after their urgent honey-procuring bounding about? Well, in that case they should just be happy they're not busy like ME. That should be my new saying. Busy as a ME. Man, that's busy! Yeah, I've had crazy activities the past week or so. Two friends got engaged (one of which is a particular person with the nomenclature of Fred - if you didn't know about his engagement already and you know who he is, you should pick your jaw up off the ground now), I had the big kung fu demo on Saturday, went to three big parties, had to go to work one day at four (in the MORNING), and saw a good friend move out of the country. That, and I was sick on top of all of it, which was sucky. I'm almost better now, though. Just a silly sinus infection, one of my usual two per year I get.

So yeah, Carlos moved away, which made a lot of us very sad. He's one of my better friends, and I'm going to miss him. But we'll still be in touch. Especially with some online DOA4! It'll be good stuff. Hopefully he'll be okay, though, getting used to the new stuff in the south. The South America, that is. It's not all new to him, though, I think he's got enough connections to be taken care of.

The demo was Saturday! Shame on you for not coming! Except for Amy and my parents, who did show up. And I am happy they did. I helped with the lion dance, which turned out pretty nicely, and then showed some self-defense manuevers, which were a bit vicious, but cool. Sifu and Sihing did a staff sparring set, too, which was cool. I think it went well.

Speaking of kung fu, I went back to full contact today for the first time in a few weeks (after being gone from sickness, work, and the open house). It was just me and Cory, so Sifu just had us work the bag and spar. It was a pretty good match! He popped me a few times very nicely in the jaw, and I nailed him in the nose a number of times. Well, not TOO hard. Just enough to make him notice. I found out during class that the guy I sparred with last time (who had a boxing background) had a bit of a reminder from our fight. Apparently I left him with a nice shiner - I was a little concerned, but Sifu told me it was cool, and I got the guy's respect. Hopefully he'll come back for more, I can use the practice myself.

And a fairly major piece of news is this: GUITAR HERO. I have yet to see it get a review less than a 9, although I think this one's the one I like the most. And yes, it's AWESOME. If you have a PS2, you really should get this game. The raw bit of it is this: it's one of the most FUN games I've played in a very long time. I find myself coming back to play it for the sheer enjoyment of being a rock star. And it has an excellent learning curve - anyone can start it on easy mode, but expert mode is something pretty much everyone (even a learned guitarist) has to work up to. And you don't really see yourself getting better, it just HAPPENS. Two player is quite excellent, too. Although you can only get the controller on its own from RedOctane. But I've seen two people play it once and then decide they had to own it. It really is that good.

And yeah, I had to go to work at FOUR in the MORNING last week. The day after I took a sick day. Which is sort of amusing. It was to help test the production implementation of our product, before it was actually used by everyone else, to try finding any last minute bugs. It made me tired, go figure.

Speaking of which, I'm STILL tired. I think I shall go chill a bit with some Lost on DVD, and then sleep early. Maybe. But you need a random link! I know you'll find this one interesting. It's kinda kooky. Check it out!
Pull out your ice skates because Hell has frozen over. Congrats to Fred!
You should update your blog and tell us about your hot date.
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