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No time, no time
And I've set a NEW RECORD for blog MIA. And I'm still crazy busy. Yes, crazy. And busy. Crazy busy.

No time! Have to do the shortened version! Bullet points to sum it up. You can ask me details on any of them, I'll lengthen upon any particular ones soon.

- Kung fu: The kwoon has MOVED. We moved a couple doors down, closer to Memorial. I think the place a bit cooler, more visibility. Moving was hard work.
- Work: I still work FAST. Which means no real projects. The company was purchased, so now I work for HSBC. Same basic work, job description, etc. I got a free shirt!
- Sausage: Blue and Gold! We did it for kung fu fund-raising, so now I have sausage! And chicken! AND bacon! Mmm, good. I'll have to get some eggs and try some crazy egg frying again soon. With MORE food than just eggs.
- Toys: Yes, I have an XBox 360. Yes, it's luscious. I like it a LOT. Finally can use the HD on my TV. And I got a new phone! The Razr, by Motorola. It's pretty. Pretty cool.
- Health: Dangit, I got another sinus infection. Sinus infections suck. I will prevail. WITHOUT antibiotics this time. I hope.
- Social stuff: I'm dating! Yes, a girl. Yes, she's cool. Her name's Christina, and no, you don't know her. The short of it is this - we connected through martial arts. As in, we both love it, and do it/have done it a lot. We haven't "connected" through martial arts by fighting, or something like that. Yet.

Okay, so that's it. Mostly. If there are questions, feel free to comment a question. My life is generally an OPEN BOOK to my blog readers. If there are any blog readers left after the sad, sad abandoning of it for a while. Forty days and forty nights! Well, close to it. And no random links! Not right now. Okay, one. This is one my old roommate Nick sent me. Apparently, for some reason it reminded him of me. Go figure.
Re: Sinus infection. First sign of a cold, take "Airborne". It's expensive, but it WORKS. I staved off a normally killer cold (that subsequently turns into secondary sinus infections) in 3-4 fewer days than typical.

-- Seanicus
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