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Lion dance schedule
While I have the information, here's when and where we're doing our lion dances, starting this Saturday:

Saturday at 11 AM: Nam Hai Grocery (21st & Garnett)
Saturday at 1 PM: Golden Touch Jewelry (71st & Memorial)
Sunday at 3 PM: Tulsa 66'ers game (Expo Pavilion at the Fairgrounds)
Sunday at 6:30 PM: Royal Dragon (51st & Memorial)
Monday at 10:30 AM: Viet Huong (I think it's 21st & Memorial)
Tuesday at 8 AM: Holland Hall (81st between Sheridan and Yale, I think in the high school) - this one might not be exactly public, but it's at 8 in the morning, so that's okay

A lot of the performances will have kung fu demonstrations in addition to the lion dance, although we will only be doing lion dance at Royal Dragon. You're welcome to come check out any of them, if you're in town. Hopefully they will be COOL.
So are you going to show us pictures of said lion dance(s)?
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