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Too much has happened, and I MUST BLOG
That's right. It's been crazy busy lately. But I want to write it down, even if it's so I don't forget some of it. Because it hasn't just been crazy busy, it's been crazy CRAZY.

For one thing, we're back into practicing for lion dancing. Chinese New Year is this next weekend. We have six demos we're going to be doing, so hopefully they'll go okay. Two of them are going to be a little crazier than the others. But I'll have to put the schedule so those of you in TOWN who have managed to randomly check my blog between now and then can come check it out. So, along the lion dance bit - we've been practicing studiously. Yesterday we were working the double lion routine, and going through the whole thing. It was going fairly nicely. The first lion did the bit where he got the offering, and came back. So it was our lion's turn to get our offering. We go up towards it, where the pot is there. Well, since we don't need the pot (it's what we usually use to jump onto, or stand on, for various reasons - it's big and red), I decided I'd push it out of the way. So I walk up to it, the lion sniffs it, and then I put my foot upon the pot, to PUSH it away. Well, I push, but it doesn't move away. No, no it doesn't. It moves APART. That's right, the whole pot shattered immediately. I paused in disbelief, and some of the other students made the comment I had put a little too much chi into my push. Apparently I had, because there were pieces of the pot all over the kwoon floor.

So we stop at that point to clean up, and then Sifu teaches the other lion team a new stack. Normally the tail of the lion gets into a bow and arrow stance, which is where you get low and the front leg is bent, the back leg is straight. Then the head jumps onto the front leg and raises his other leg into the air, into a crane stance. That's the standard stack. Sifu taught the other lion team a new stack, where the tail sat in a horse and the head jumped, both feet, onto the tail's thighs. It took them a few tries, but they got it. Well, watching them jump gave Sifu ideas, I guess. And he made a comment similar to, "Hey - Eric can jump pretty high..." So naturally, that leads to Sifu having the idea for our lion to do a new stack. A shoulder stack. Which means the tail gets into a horse, I jump onto a pot (the surviving one) and then onto the tail's shoulders, all while holding the head of the lion. And then the tail stands up, and then I stand up. It's a bit scary. We actually got it a few times, but it'll take more practice. The idea of just jumping onto someone's shoulders while holding a large object makes me nervous, for some weird reason.

And then tonight, class was very light. Just me and Andrea, who's my senior by a few years. We practiced hard, and had two guests come and watch. Turns out it was a couple of freshmen (pssh, frosh) from TU. Imagine what major? Yes, computer science. So we ended up having a nice conversation about a certain Dr. Shenoi and Dr. Hale. They're still trying to figure out their path fully, but it was interesting to see how small of a world we really live in. Hopefully we'll see them again sometime, they seemed cool.

And after that I had a very different experience. Some guy was wandering outside, and approached me. He had a massive shiner, so I was a little sketchy about him coming close. But he came up and was asking if I could do something for him. I figured he'd ask for money, but actually, he asked for milk. I guess he had gotten some cereal for his family (don't know if he actually had a family for sure or not), but didn't have milk. So I told him I'd go pick him up some milk, I had to finish some quick business with Sifu first. I did that, came back out, and he had wandered off. I went ahead and went to go find a shop to get milk, and he was there. Someone else had gotten the milk for him, so I went to check on it. He asked for another favor, and that was that he just wanted some food. Since he just wanted food, it seemed legit, so I couldn't refuse. We both went in, he grabbed some bread, some lunchmeat, some chips and a 12-pack of Dew. I got it for him, and he took it, shook my hand and said thank you. I told him it was okay, just go take care of his family. He left, and I ended up talking to the shop owner. It was a little shop, like a gas station style shop, and the owner was an older middle eastern guy. He seemed a little iffy about the guy, said he was pretty sure he'd seen him smoking some reefer (he didn't say that, but implied it) or something. I told him I just got him some food, and you can't do anything with food but eat it. He said if he really wanted some help, he could get it - people like that could go to churches, or other places where they could actually get some help. I told him maybe the guy didn't realize it, and next time he saw him he might try telling him that he could get him some help. The owner seemed to be a little thoughtful about it, and he made a comment that it was nice of me to have bought him food. I told him that we're all human, and we should try to help each other when we can, and he shook my hand. It was definitely an educational experience. It's made me think for a while tonight.

Anyway, I do hope he turned out okay, at least for the night. And his family, if he does really have one. It's made me think about how many more people might be like him, outside in the cold on a night like tonight, just trying to find something to eat. It's unsettling, but sadly, it's reality.

So yeah - all of that has happened, and now my mental constipation has settled a bit more. I need to blog more! It helps my soul rest. And if it entertains other people in addition to just appeasing myself, then that's cool. Speaking of which, did I hear someone say... random link? Okay! Let's a-go! I got a forward today from a co-worker that was just too cool. So I'll share it with you. Oh, and if you think that link is coming from a weird place, YES, it's MY web site. It's so good. I still don't know what I'm going to do with it, but you have to realize I now have the coolest e-mail EVAR.
Ericus.... all I can say is ZOMGWTF j00 intarweb 1s l33t d00d ROFLMAO.


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