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It is almost Wednesday
Yeah, it's a pointless title, but whaddaya do?

So this last weekend was CRAZY busy. I had to get out of work early to go to a high school alumni reunion. I got to see a few people I haven't seen in, oh, TEN YEARS. It was crazy. The slightly depressing thing was that they were all married. All except for me. Eh, someday. Maybe. But yeah, I got to catch up with some people, and it was cool.

Then from there it was time for a meeting for the middle school retreat I was helping with the next day, called ERIS. Had the meeting, a few things organized, then time for a movie! Which movie? Silent Hill, of course. I'm a very big fan of the games, especially Silent Hill 2. The movie pulled a lot from that game in particular, and it did a good job where it did. The sounds and visuals were dead on! It started very well, got some definite creepiness going on for the first half of the movie. Unfortunately, they tried making a new plot to wrap things up, and it didn't quite fit with the feel of the original game. There wasn't as much cohesion in the movie as in the games. It slowed a little much near three fourths through, and they probably could have cut it down a bit more. But overall, it was much better than your average video game to movie adaptation.

Yes, it lasted a while. Then bedtime! So I could get up for the retreat. Which was an all-day thing. I did it last year, and apparently I was so popular playing one role in a skit that's done near the end of the day that they requested I revive my role. Who do I play? Why, none other than Satan, of course. Since it's apparent he's better if he knows martial arts. That's all I'll say.

So I was very tired, yes indeed! And I came home, tried to read e-mail, and kept passing out before I could finish. So I passed out, then it was birthday time for my mom. Went home and helped her with crazy yardwork. Moving small trees/plants from one yard to another, digging extra holes for her to plant stuff in, trimming shrubberies, etc. Then more church, then bedtime again! Which I was ready for, after spending a day doing manual labor in the SUN. It doesn't happen often. But I think my mom liked it, which I was glad about. Oh, and it also happened to be Sihing's birthday! He's turning a big 20. We'll be going paintballing this weekend for it, most likely.

Speaking of Sihing, for almost everyone else in the kwoon, I am also a Sihing. For those that don't remember, "Sihing" means "older brother" in kung fu-ese. And what's special about this particular Sihing this week? Well, I happened to finish testing last week. So that means I get the black sash this week! Specifically, this Thursday, at 8 PM Central Time. Class starts at 7, and then we slow things down a bit for cake and ice cream and a fancy belt for me. I'm honestly getting more excited each day as it gets closer. It's been 6 and a half years for me to get this far, and a black belt in kung fu is (daresay) a bit farther than black belts in most other systems. It's quite a big deal, which is why Sifu's putting together a ceremony for piddly ol' ME. Anyone who can make it is welcome to come, for the ceremony, or if you can (and are curious to see what I do), both the class AND the ceremony. This only happens once. I don't normally enjoy openly bragging about kung fu stuff (although I DO enjoy talking about it relentlessly) or being proud, but I think for one day I'll let it slide a little.

That's the big news. In smaller news, I saw a car coming back from the retreat on Saturday. Yes, a car. See if you can figure out what it is - I got two shots with my phone (I like having a video recorder in my phone). I got one that was okay, and another one that was a little better. Somehow I don't think I see that type of car on the streets around here too often.

And I saw what is quite possibly the most disturbing movie made in recent times. It's called Hostel. I rather liked it. I guess it just appealed to some twisted level in me, and I was impressed at the distance the filmmakers went in this movie. I recommend it ONLY for people who like disturbing movies. The reason I liked it was because the director did not pull any punches at all, and had a vision that he followed through with. Not that that makes it a quality movie, by any means. But it was a bit crazy.

Okay! Time for random linking! This is a good one. You can thank me for it, if you'd like. (Especially you, Seanicus.) See, it's not just something to see, but something to experience.
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