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Time to blog?
What? I have a blog? Oh yeah!

So I do. Actually, I've been feeling kinda pooty lately, so I decided to wait until I had a GOOD day before blogging. I find positive blogs are much better. And today was a good day! Yes it was.

Another day at work, got two new projects, both of which I finished rather quickly. So it was productive. Then time for good leftovers, from Texas Roadhouse. Ooh, their steaks are GOOD. Yummy yummy yummy, yes it's LOVE in my tummy. Plus I have cherry pie. 'Nuff said.

And I got some good kung fu in tonight. The news there - I'm finally getting my black belt. I've sort of had it (in many people's minds) for a while, but this is the formal thing. There's not a date set yet for the ceremony, but I'll most likely post it when I find out. So I led class tonight, pushed them all nicely to the limit. And then got to work on one my forms, then punish the pole. The large metal pole in the middle of the kwoon, yes. I read an article about a guy who learned serious conditioning, and he also trained primarily against metal objects. So it inspired me to get comfortable with the metal pole again. I have to say, there's nothing quite like hearing the ringing sound from it when your throw your shins against it. Mmm, yes.

And I saw Logan's Run tonight. It was an older sci-fi movie. Actually not too bad! I was impressed with the ideas they played with. I don't get to watch movies as much anymore, mainly since I've been hooked on Oblivion. Yes, it's luscious. And Carlos got his care package we sent him! He especially likes Ghost Recon, as I had suspected he might. So that helped my day.

In other news, not too much has been going on. There was Easter, and it was lovely. Although I realize now I need to restring my guitar rather badly. It's lost its brightness. Must bring it back.

I did break up with the girlfriend, so I'm a single bachelor YET AGAIN. That's okay, I have more money that way, somehow. It was a good thing, though, it needed to happen. Perhaps there will be some unsuspecting victim to lavish my affections upon around the corner. Muahahahahahahahahaaaaaa!

And now time for a random picture. Related to love. Sort of.

Yeah, I got that from work. Speaking of, work makes me frustrated sometimes. Ever since we got bought by HSBC, they've shut us down from the outside world. No e-mail, no instant messaging, limited access to the web. "You must NOT have contact with the outside world!" I probably shouldn't say too much more. They might be watching. I'll just say it doesn't make me pleased.

Grr. Other things in the world have been making me UNpleased, as well. Such as the RIAA. Grr! Their shenanigans know no bounds! There was an article about a horrid suggestion they made to a college student, but I may have to find that for another time. Oh, and there are also people who have jacked up ideas on how to improve the world. That makes me unpleased, as well.

In happier news - my family's newest dog had her puppies. Five of them. They're quite cute. What do you expect? They're puppies! Just look at them.

And I even have a video of one of them. Although it was taken with my phone, so not that great of quality, but Quicktime should be able to see it. They're only starting to learn to walk, and as you can see, linoleum is a little harder to handle.

So yes! Okay, that's all for tonight. I think it's random link time. Two random links. I'm making up for blog brevity and abandonment by bringing bounties of bootiful PICTURES. And this one I think is quite lovely. I like puppies, and you can see how I feel about cats with this excellent product.

And for just a link, well, I haven't been nerdy enough in this blog entry, so this will have to do.
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