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I've talked about it before, but I do believe that there are cycles in our lives where things change. Not just one or two things, but LOTS of things. It seems to be one of those times for me. So what's changed? Ah, well, I'll break it into individual paragraphs (as I have a tendency to do).

One change is the whole side business thing. I think it's shifting to a point where it really is a side business. I'm not just playing around anymore, I'm actually making some money with it. How much? A decent amount. Enough to cover payments of...

A NEW CAR! Yes, I just felt like saying it like that. I haven't bought one yet, I'm probably going to wait a few months. But if everything goes as it has been, I'll be able to afford it. I'm debating between two. They're about the same price, which is moderate, a little more expensive than my current car, but not much. Choice One: A Toyota Prius. It gets 60 MPG, has all sorts of gadgetry inside, and just has the cool factor of being a hybrid. It's not the best-looking car, though, and it's not very zippy. I've had a few people mention that they somehow don't see me in that car. They see me in something more like Choice Two: A Honda S2000. It gets a little worse mileage than my current car, but my current car is actually really good for mileage (averages around 25-26 MPG). It's VERY zippy, it's small and cool-looking. Plus, it's convertible! If I went with it, I'd probably keep the old car, use it for my main ride (to put the most miles on), and use the S2000 on weekends and for fun. I'll probably decide and buy one in a few months. If anyone has any recommendations or advice, feel free to toss it into a comment.

Kung fu! Things aren't too different, although it's something that's changed a little since I got the belt. However, we have one of the original students coming back to Tulsa. At least, there's a possibility he will. His name's Mike, and he was living in Vegas. Some stuff happened, and I guess he just wants to move, so he's thinking about coming back. From what I've heard of him, he was one of the best fighters in our kwoon. I've fought him once - he left some very nice scars on me after that one day. They faded, but he definitely knows how to mix it up. That has the chance to change things quite a bit. Also, we have our tournament coming up - you should come! June 10th. Details in the future. We'll be doing a lion dance, there will be other demos there. Should be luscious.

I got a new guitar. Just now, actually. My sister Marni's roommate Marni (there's no typo there) is moving tomorrow morning and needed some rent money, so she wanted to sell her Fender Stratocaster. American made, a high quality instrument. I was planning on buying one eventually, but this just pushed it a little sooner than anticipated. That's okay - it's really a great guitar, and feels awesome to play. I might have to record some new songs with it.

Which I can now do, once I install my new hard drives! I spent $200 at Best Buy. How much space does that buy? You'd think something like, oh, 250 GB, right? Or even 300! But no, with that money I purchased 640 GB of space. I'll be RAIDing them so they're mirrored, or perhaps doing a manual backup. When you have 320 GB of stuff, you don't want to accidentally lose it, much less with 640 GB. So I'll sacrifice half of it to keep a solid backup. Which means I have space for Naruto! And music, both other stuff and my own. I might just get a new computer to put them in sometime.

And I have an old friend coming into town who I haven't seen in forever. Rebecca! She's an ex, and we separated purely because she had to move away. It was a tragic tale. But I haven't seen her in a while, so it'll be good to hang out with her.

Speaking of redheads, I finally got to meet another friend of mine who I've known for over a year. Has that ever happened to you? You meet someone somewhere, online, or on the phone, and don't meet them for a while? We were pen pals, basically, for over a year. We finally got to hang out, and it turns out she's very cool. Better in person than online, I must say. We had some eerie similarities in taste, such as what she chose to start learning guitar with (song choice), and the fact she's a math guru. We'll probably see each other again sometime. Maybe even before another year passes! But who knows.

Oh, and my old roommate Nick has moved into the neighborhood. Well, he's moving a mile away in about a week or so, so we might actually start hanging out a little more often. That, or perhaps car pool to work. He's got two roommates, they bought a house. If they don't kill each other, it might turn out very nicely. Oh, and we'll only car pool if I get...

A NEW JOB! Well, I'm leaving it open to possibility. I've had a few pokings into new job opportunities. I'm just hoping to find something that uses my education (aherm, it's annoying that no one seems to notice/care I have a Master's Degree at my current job) and can actually give me some fun work to do, with upward mobility a realistic possibility. I may know if this change will happen within a couple of weeks.

So yes, many changes. A few rather major ones. Plus the whole buying a house thing. No, not yet. But that's probably going to happen around the time of the next "cycle event". Need to get my new job (if it's going to happen) and solidify my side business, first. When I'm making six figures, I might be able to afford a house comfortably. And that might happen sooner than I originally was expecting it to.

And that's all! Well, I have a few pictures on my phone I wanted to put up, but I'm feeling lazy, so not today. I WILL put up a random link, though. So random link time! So random. Hey! I do kung fu! Did you know that? Kung fu started with the Shaolin temple. Or so they say. Did you know that there are still some Shaolin monks that are around? And that some of them like to mess with people who don't know anything about kung fu? Now you know.
Funny how things change all at the same time, huh? What's this mysterious side business of yours? Oh, and I appreciate your M.S., does that count?
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I hope that you're doing great, Ericus!

i hope you're taking good care of my baby strat :/ i miss her sometimes!
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