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Saturday Afternoon
It's Saturday, I'm chillin' with not much to do (at the moment). It's a rare moment of peace. Although I do need to take out my trash sometime soon. Which is more like a rare moment of piece. Something like that.

Yes! Hopefully this weekend will go well. I don't know about as well as last weekend, but well will be okay. Why did last weekend go well? Kung fu was good all around, and it kicked off nicely with a little game of poker. Higher stakes than normal. Since it was payday, I figured why not. It was okay, since I turned out to have the upper hand! Yes, I won the majority of the jackpot, which was lovely. How much, you might wonder? Not too much. A measley $65. Considering I only put down $5 cash, that wasn't too bad. I actually won $95, but I had to subtract my buy-in. Texas Hold 'Em! Gotta love it. At least when you're doing well.

So that was quite nice. Bought me some dinners and covered my work munchies for the week. And a movie rental or two. Speaking of! I rented The Fly. Oh man, I had forgotten about that movie. It's actually really good, although one of the more horrific movies I can remember ever watching. If you're brave, try it out. One of Jeff Goldblum's best. That, and I just finished watching Ichi the Killer. It did the impressive accomplishment of making me almost stop watching. It has some quite horrific scenes as well, although a bit less tasteful than The Fly, if you can believe that. Definitely not something for the weak-hearted. The gore is above and beyond, plus some other scenes that won't fly in American releases.

As far as movies go, I went to an early showing of Mission Impossible III with Amy, who managed to find out there was Thursday night showing. Thankfully, almost no one knew. We walked in at ten 'til, almost no one there, and there were already people lining up for the midnight showing (which more people knew about). So a decently calm showing. It was a good movie! Even though Tom Cruise is INSANE, the movie was good despite his being the main character. And Philip Seymour Hoffman made for a very good bad guy. Plenty of twists and turns, I was entertained enough by it that I might actually go to see it a second time.

Work lately has been bleah. Our boss's favorite phrase is "Is that work-related?" which he says at least five times a day, I think. Since most of us are done with all of our current projects, it's hard to stay work-related. I had been checking on my logs for my side business, and even that was too not work-related for me to do, so apparently I can't touch anything related to non-work stuff when I'm at work. So no e-mail (that's not work-related), no independent research on stuff, no online mail, no chat programs, etc. It's a lovely sort of business constriction. At least we still get CNN and Slashdot. And also The Daily WTF, which I like quite a bit. Somehow Friday's entry felt a little too close to home. Oh, and everyone at work loves their Engrish, too. Makes for great desktop backgrounds.

So yes, I'm still working on my side business. It takes a lot of my time, but I'm making progress. I am actually making money with it, so that's good. Not a lot, but it's probably just enough to off-set the rising gas prices, which I'm happy with. If I keep getting progress, then I might actually be able to pay some bills with it. Who knows? The sky's the limit!

Okay, so it's time for the weekend. Take out some trash, maybe play a little, get some R&R. Random link! I'll share something we talked about at our weekly meeting at work. Yes, one of my co-workers actually printed this out and gave everyone a copy. He said he printed it because we wouldn't believe it if he just told us. And you know something? He was probably right.
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