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LONG week
Ugh. Yeah, it's been a very long week. It should have been a horrid week, but I grabbed it by the cojones to make sure it didn't completely jack me over. A lot of it's been stuff at work. My boss and I haven't been getting along so well this week. Although he's not been getting along with a lot of people this week. We also had one of the guys from our group leave, move to another job. I think there might be more following up on that. It just hasn't been an extraordinarily happy place to be lately. Made me feel kind of like this in recent days:

So considering I spend eight hours every day there, that wasn't great. Thankfully, kung fu's been okay. Although I think I may have broken a finger. I'm not sure. If I did, it's just a fracture, because I've still got total functionality. I've just had a weird sort of soreness and swelling between two knuckles in one of my pointer fingers. And it's right in the middle, so it's not a joint thing. But it really hasn't been bothering me, so I'm not really complaining. It's just weird.

And I've been trying to get time with my friends, but they're all busy. Busy DATING people. Which is making me ill. I'm tired of not being able to spend time with friends because they're busy being all gooshy about someone else. Especially my female friends. For some reason their boyfriends all seem to feel threatened by me and are uncomfortable with me spending any time with them, unsupervised. So anytime I've seen my friends (of the female variety) lately, it's been with their guy right by their side.

Yeah, I'm single right now, and it's the whole summer love thing that's being pushed in my face. And it's starting to piss me off. Just about everyone I know has a committed relationship, and it's being rubbed in a little too much for my own comfort. Especially all my ex's that I still talk to. Even ones I don't! My most recent ex I saw at Best Buy the other day, with her new guy. We don't talk anymore - she's the type of person who terminates all contact upon breakup. So I saw her, and her guy (who was at least three inches shorter than she was) with his arm wrapped around her waist. She didn't see me notice her, and I looked away. When she did see me, she made like a tree and got out of there.

Rebecca did come to visit, which was sort of both good and bad. Yes, she has a committed guy, too. Thankfully, he didn't come attached to her waist. But he did come attached to her phone. He seemed to be nervous about her seeing me at all. I guess I'm just TOO MANLY for some of these guys to handle. What, with my rock star kung fu skillz, I can understand. I hadn't seen her in a long time, and it was good, but it brought back memories. Which probably didn't help the whole rubbing summer love in my face whilst I be single.

But like I said, I took my bad week by the cojones, and I took a SICK DAY. Yes, I was feeling rather ill, so I split my week in half, and it made things better. Caught up on some sleep, got some more work done on my side business. And watched some decent movies. Saw Firewall, with Harrison Ford. It was pretty good, I was surprised. Also saw 16 Blocks, with Bruce Willis. And it was actually a good movie, too. It had an alternate ending, which was interesting, although I think I was okay with the theater ending. I have yet to watch Braveheart, which I haven't seen in forever. I think it'll fit my week's mood, though.

In other news, looks like I'm selling my amp. My guitar amp, yes. It's a Roland Cube-100. Very rare to find, but the guy who sold it to me (MANY years ago) wants it back, apparently. So I'll probably sell it back to him, get a new amp of some kind. Probably something a wee bit more portable. The Roland is large and in charge. And much heavier than it looks.

The new car is still on - have to wait until I have verified income to cover it, but I'll be doing it. Hopefully by the end of next month, while there are still a few months to do road tripping in good weather. It won't be any sort of solution to life issues, but it sure will be fun to have. Probably very good for the stress reduction.

Now time for random linking! I've got a few today. First, in the guitar theme. It's just cool. And for those of you still in school, you will LOVE me for this. Even those of you who are graduated and finished, you'll still find appreciation. If you look closely. Finally, it's been a while since I've linked any files, so video time. I used to be huge into magic when I was a kid, and I haven't gotten over it completely. Of everyone I've seen, lately the one that's been making me wonder is a guy named Criss. Oh, he'll do something that I understand the explanation of sometimes. Then he'll do things I don't understand the explanation of. And he'll do things that are a little freaky. Then he'll do things that are a little more freaky. And sometimes - he'll do things that are a lot freaky.
I know, I suck.

Don't disown me!!!!!!!!!!!


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