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Tournament Saturday!
That's right, the tournament is this Saturday. Starts at 10 AM, at the Hicks Park Community Center. That's at about 33rd and Mingo. So if you're interested in seeing some crazy kung fu action LIVE, then you should come check it out!

I'll be competing, doing lion dance, helping judge, being busy all day. Black belt forms are first, but sparring isn't until the end. Don't know why it's like that, but oh well. Chances are I'll be fighting Shannon (again). Or Sihing. Well, technically Shannon is ALSO my Sihing. But I'm definitely the low man on the totem pole. Should be interesting, definitely.

Aside from that, work was productive today. I actually did finish a project. I think it was my weekly project. Tomorrow we have a get together at Jamba Juice. Not sure why, but I guess it's a team building thing. I find it funny. I'll tell you why... later.

And my side business continues. It's building, slowly. I have a part of it definitely working, making some money, which is COOL. Now I'm working on expanding it. To give you an idea of how this is going - the combination of all of my various incomes means that there's a good chance I'll be making six figures. By the end of this year. Seriously. I still can't believe that - it's crazy. But hey! Since I've got a little more money coming in than normal, it means I'll be able to get, oh, say... a NEW CAR! Yes, I've decided which one I'm getting. And I have to go with Honda. Why Honda? I'm not sure, but I think I might be in love. And depending on how things go, I may have it as soon as the end of this month.

If I get it, that'll be the first car I've ever chosen. So it's almost like a first car for me. Although, ironically, it'll be a second car, since I'm keeping the current one. You know, to head to work and such. Since a two seater isn't the best for standard errands. Although I have a feeling I'll be driving the S2K quite a bit when I first get it. Just a hunch. So if you want a ride, let me know - I probably won't have a problem picking you up. Hee hee! It makes me rather excited.

So in other news - we've been preparing for the tournament. I helped Justin (my Sidai, not Sihing) work on his sparring. Amy came by and got to witness class, so she has an idea of what it's all about. And Sifu's changed Monday/Wednesday classes, so we now have two separate classes: one for beginners, one for intermediate/advanced. I'll be teaching the second class. Just makes me realize how far I've progressed. It's crazy!

That's what the rest of this week will be, is tournament preparation. I just hope we get our lion dance perfected for Saturday. We'll see!

Okay, random link time! I've got a good one today. Have you ever sold anything on eBay? Did you know that people can ask you questions about your product? Did you know that there are a lot of dumb people out there?
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