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4th of July!
Yes, technically, it's the 4th. The remembering of our country being founded as its own entity. Well, its own country. Sadly, I think the birth of our country and its 230th birthday mark two very different entities. I say sadly because lately, it has been kind of sad. But I don't like talking about politics, so I'll stop there.

Hmm, it's still been a bleah sort of week. I had yet another single friend (one of the few left) go unsingle on me. So trying to find single friends to hang out with (of either gender) is a challenge. I should take it as a glass is half full sort of way, and think that to conquer such a challenge is a glorious event to strive for. But eh, I'm just sick of having no friends that I don't have to share at every moment. And double negatives always make things more confusing.

So Sifu's going to be gone another week, looks like me and Sihing are splitting classes to take over for Sifu. I do enjoy teaching classes, though. I get to put my own flavor on things, and try helping people understand a little better. Plus the bonus of picking my own self-defense techniques to teach is always fun. I'm working on updating the web page, we'll finally have something up a little cleaner. I just need to finish the graphical side of things. And we might just put up some videos, too. Some good videos. I'm voting to put up one of Shannon laying some waste during his sparring competition at our last tournament. That one should be good. I'll set up the link when I get it done.

The whole mystery of human relations has been on my mind lately. I've been thinking of how it seems to be that confidence is one of the most attractive traits a person can have. It's true, and it definitely helps. But oddly, one of the other most attractive traits is a significant other. At least for women. It's one of those catch-22 things, that you don't have it until you don't need it anymore. Like a new job, credit card offers, etc. Most of the people who get attention are the people who actually are dating someone. And the ones who WANT to date someone are the ones who never get attention. Partly tied into the confidence bit, since your confidence jumps when there's someone you know thinks the world of you, and drops when no such person exists in your life. I think it lures women partially because a LOT of women like a challenge. And a confident taken guy is the ideal challenge. You know I'm right. How twisted is that?

Personally, I'd like to find (someday) a woman who is not looking for that type of guy. Thankfully I'm okay being single right now. What I WANT is just some friends I can hang with that don't come with an attachment to make me feel like a third wheel. Maybe I'll find a woman who can beat the crap out of me. That would satisfy me in multiple ways, oddly. I never thought of myself as into S&M in any way, but a woman who excels in fisticuffs becomes more attractive to me, for some reason. Maybe it's just late and my head's on a little loose tonight.

So in guitar news, I sold my amp. Back to the guy I bought it from, ten years ago. It's a little sad, I'll miss that amp. But he actually plays in live sets, and I think he could really use it better than me. I just used it to jam in my apartment, and occasionally took it elsewhere for public exhibition purposes. So I might need to get a new amp. I'm using my first little Peavey right now, and playing on it again makes me realize how crappy it really is. I think it might be time to get my new hard drives hooked up so I can start recording music digitally again, without having to worry about amp quality.

And it's early in the holiday morn, so I should get to sleep to be ready for my big day of goofing off. So that means random link time! I have two today. Well, the first one is sort of two. See, it has to do with this lovely organization everyone should be a part of. And within this organization, there's one rather new individual who you should keep watch on - trust me, he'll shake things up a bit here, sometime soon. Perhaps today. And my second link is closer to my computer nerd side. I've learned most of the languages used on computers, including nasty ones like FORTRAN, Eiffel and even assembly language. But I still have not learned other things such as COBOL, Erlang, and this lovely language. Maybe I should.
Happy Fourth!! I know what you mean about being a little sad ...we are not what our forefathers envisioned. *sigh*

And yes. You are also correct on the committed=attractiveness theory. ;)
Yes, I never pictured you as an S&M type. Boy, do I have some stories for you!

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