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An interesting weekend
Yes, it was definitely an interesting weekend. For starters, I ended up spending a chunk of money unexpectedly. One part of the chunk was to fix my car (again). Silly water pump went out, so my coolant would simply squirt everywhere while the car was running. Took care of that and the fan belt, changed the oil, everything's better now. Although it did take a nice slice of cash to do it. Bleah. Oh well.

I also spent a chunk of money on a new vacuum. I don't actually own a vacuum. I DO own a steam cleaner. Go figure. But yes, the vacuum is quite lovely. Sihing has connections, got one for a very small amount, so I bought it from him for about $100 under the retail price. And it's the ideal vacuum for me. It fits my laziness and my geekiness all at once! Why do I think that? You'll understand, after you see the vacuum.

I've used it a few times. I think it cleaned out things from my carpet that were there before I moved in. It's quite effective, I was impressed. I couldn't stop watching it the first time, it's hypnotic. But my carpet's now cleaner than it's ever been.

So in other news, I took my guitar out to my patio on Saturday. I usually do that on weekends if the weather's nice. Sit on the patio and sip a Pepsi while I get some sun and make some sounds. Hopefully pleasant ones. Well, I was playing, and a neighbor of mine in the building next door saw me as she walked back from the pool. She didn't recognize me at first, then realized I was someone she had met a few days before. She made a comment that, "You SO need to come out to the pool and play for us!" So I went ahead and did that. Got to meet some people, and got a decent number of complements on my playing, which was cool. I need to learn more songs. I also got to meet a guy there who said he was opening up a new bar, and was interested in getting some acts to play for Monday and Tuesday. He said he wanted something a little more laid back, and my style fit very well with what he was looking for. So he basically offered me a position, which is cool. It'd be in a few months. But I think that it'd be fun.

And as I was headed out to church, I had another neighbor stop me and tell me she liked my guitar playing. She lives underneath me, and she said that her 5 year old granddaughter visits on weekends. She said her granddaughter would comment, "I hear the music!" And she'd open her patio door so they could hear me play. She said they liked it, that she thought I was quite good. So that made me smile, and I was happy to hear that my playing actually got heard and appreciated.

Church went well, the music was good. We've got a new guitarist, a young guy. He's only been playing about three years, but he's very good. Practices around 3 or 4 hours a day. Doing that tends to make you good. Ironically, after getting complements throughout the weekend, I had a conversation about a request for me to STOP playing. I had been thinking about it, but looks like I won't be playing at Newman for too much longer. I've been there for ten years now, and I think it's time to move on. I am curious to find out what the difference will be like, and if people will notice. I might take a break, go to a different church, see if I can find someplace that can use a guitarist.

Afterwards I gave my friend Andrew his first guitar lesson. He's a good guy, and he's excited to start playing. I think he'll do well. He picked up a lot in one day, and I think he'll advance fast. I guess we'll find out in time.

And a random bit of info - seems like my kung fu/tai chi developed strength is getting out of hand. I successfully destroyed not one, but TWO articles of clothing this weekend. The first was one of my kung fu shirts. It had a bit of a hole in the armpit area. But when I was taking it off, I guess I pulled a little too hard and the whole thing just tore apart. On some level it made me feel more manly, but it sucked that I ruined the shirt. Then the next day I was taking some trash to the dumpster, and when I was coming back, I walked too close to the edge of it. It caught the edge of my pants. Now I'm thinking most people would have their pants caught and it would stop them from moving too fast. Not me, apparently. I just kept walking without even noticing that I was moving and my pants were NOT. Tore three large rips in the pants leg, almost split it neatly in half. It's too bad, too. I liked those pants.

Hopefully I won't be tearing apart too many more bits of clothing. If I start ripping shirts or pants when I take them off on a regular basis, it might be time to either start wearing button-ups more, or just find stronger clothes.

So yeah, definitely an interesting weekend. This week might be just as interesting, who knows - we'll see. For now? Random link! This is one my friend Nick sent me. It's quite cool, and I can't help but watch it over and over again. It might be the musician in me, but it might be just that it's SO COOL.
Eric-- I love your posts. I'm glad that your music talents are being appreciated because you are amazing.

Also, good to hear that you are feeling more "manly". Thanks for the laugh.

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