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Changes Begin
Not a lot of time to post today, but wanted to just throw something up here. LOTS has happened. The big thing is that last week was my last week at the last job (HSBC). Got the last three days off, which was lovely. I start my new job at IBM tomorrow! I don't have time today, though, because I'm headed out on a flight for a business trip in a few hours. With the crazy airport security analness, I need to be there about two hours early. Crazy.

I'm looking forward to the new job a lot! It should be fun. I hope I can actually use my skills well at this one, instead of just wishing I could do productive things and not be offered the chance to.

The other major change - between this and my side business, my income has just DOUBLED. I'm not even kidding. I used to think of a raise as something like an extra dollar an hour. This is unheard of. I'm sincerely frightened at the idea, though - I don't know if I trust myself with this much more. I'm going to try living like I'm not making anything extra, but it'll be hard when you have a giant pot of GOLD just sitting there, shining at you. I don't think it'll sink in until I get the next few paychecks. Eh, looks like the hassles I had continuing with graduate school are finally paying off some.

Random news stuff - I mowed my parents' lawn a few days back. The back lawn was at obscene levels of height. As was the temperature. So I was out there, soaking in sweat, glistening in the unrelenting sunlight. I drank three large cups of orange juice. And the whole thing took me over two hours. I think it may have been unhealthy to be out in the heat (100+ degrees) for that long. Pushing the mower, mind you - trying to make it run on its own was ludicrous. The mower would have none of that. It would notice how high the grass was and just sputter and quit. Basically a nice, "Hell, NO!" So I had to sneak up each inch on the mower. "See? It's not THAT much. Just ignore the several feet left in front of you. Just these two inches are okay." It was rough. Here, you can get SOME idea what I'm talking about here.

Anyway, I gots to finish packing and get out of here to make my flight. But that's the news lately. Oh, and I did play at church at the Madalene for the first time. No choir yet, but I actually got a ton of complements for just me and my guitar. So it's a good start. I think the congregation will be open to some changes in the music there.

Random links! Since I had to make a shorter blog today, you get TWO. First one - everyone loves Guitar Hero. Just be careful you don't get too out of control. Second one - there are good reasons to make sure you keep track of any food you accidentally leave behind the couch. Or on your lawn.
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