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Mixed Day
An interesting day, indeed. Things are both really good, and really annoying. Eh, I'm more of a bad news first type of person, so annoying first.

Seems my friends are somewhat sporadic. I've called a number of people in the past 24 hours. And either my phone is broken, or people just don't return phone calls anymore. It's a pet peeve of mine when someone doesn't communicate clearly. Take, for example, previous girlfriends. I'm sure this has happened to some of you. "What's wrong?" you ask, genuinely concerned. "Nothing," she says, when her body language communicates completely the opposite. Well, DAMMIT, you need to say something! I'm not going to sit there and play Operation on your emotions. Is it a problem here? BZZT! Get shouted at or condemned for making the WRONG GUESS. Is it this? BZZT! Freakin' JUST TELL ME. Communicate. And it's almost always the WOMAN who has this problem. Which I find ironic, since it's usually the woman who values communication more than guys. Guys may not always want to talk, but if you ask them a question, they'll straight up answer it. "Why were you late?" "I had diarrhea." It doesn't matter if it's embarrassing - if it's a straight question, you get a straight answer. With women, though... "Why were you late?" "Mind your own business." GAH.

Okay, I've vented. It does piss me off, though. On the other side of things, there've been some nice moments. Today I went and got some lovely Burger King, and on the way back I saw some GQ middle-aged guy on a motorcycle - didn't look/sound like a Harley, but he was behind me at the stoplight, I couldn't tell for sure. I saw him looking to the left, so I turned to see what it was. It was a middle-aged woman in a car, in the left turn lane. Neither of these were exactly models, but they were fairly attractive people. The guy on the bike winked and blew her a kiss. She just looked flustered and flattered all at once. The light changed for her turn, and she looked like she had to make a rushed decision - so she finally just blew him a kiss back. But in a hurry! So she could make her light. It cracked me up, I actually laughed out loud quite loudly.

I've been playing a lot of guitar lately! It's good. And the whole directing the choir thing looks like it might be good. If anyone ever SHOWS UP. So far, the outlook hasn't been too promising. But I have faith. Irony of word choice recognized but not explicitly chosen, there. Lately I've been hooked on playing a particular song. It's rather difficult to play. Some people play it in their own style, which, to me, is BADLY. But there are others who play it as it should be played. And it's glorious.

Ah, and the job situation. So I'm going to work at IBM, it looks like. And I'm looking forward to it! I think it's a much better fit than my last (technically current) position. They didn't actually walk me out the door. I'm thinking it's because I actually gave a full two weeks notice. So I'm still working there, possibly for the rest of this week and next week. Although I have a half day Friday, because they're pulling down all the cubes to move to a different floor. So for a few weeks, everyone's going to be working in a pod. A big circular pod, about the OPPOSITE of a cube. Everyone gets a slice. Like a pie of misery. I think I'm leaving at a good time.

But yeah, IBM's going to be a decent raise in pay, real work to do, and I even get a work computer. Sweetness! And my side business is growing steadily. I've made even more progress in the last two weeks, roughly doubling what I had before. And I think there's a chance I may double it again. Which means, potentially... combining my new salary with the income from the side job, I might (and I'll admit I'm hesitant to say this) actually be pulling six figures. Which is INSANE. It's a big step up from what I'm used to making, believe me. And because of that, I'm thinking I need to keep living the way I have been, and just stash all that extra green away somewhere. Like in a Roth IRA (which I have). Or a 401K setup (which I will). And maybe - just maybe - a little bit into payments for a lovely little vehicle I like to call a Stooky. (S2K - just pronounce it like one word. You'll see what I mean.) To be honest, it scares me a little to be making that much. First you get the money. Then you get the power. Then you get the WOMEN.

Okay. And to fit in with my mixed mood, here's a lovely little picture.

Yeah, that's about right.

Oh, by the way, my eardrum seems to back to normal. Which I am grateful for. So it's on to abusing it further with electric guitar madness.

So it's been a weird mix of stuff. Oh, that, and I rented a JACKED UP movie. Yeah, it's got about the most raw violence, sex, and language combined of any movie I've seen. I hadn't really heard anything about it, and I felt like some vicarious aggression, so that was my choice. I'm a little taken aback by how screwed up it was. Just warning you now - if you have any sensitivity to issues that can be displayed in a movie, any sensitivity WHATSOEVER, you might continue perusing your choices at the rental aisle.

Time for random linking! Random linky? Linky rando? Scusey whosey? Yes, this one is random. But fitting for the time. See, it has to do with leaving jobs. Although I think my resignation was more peaceful than some others.
Love the pic LOL
I am the worst phone person ever. =( sorry i never call you back...i usually text you back though, so i'm not ignoring you. Speaking of, i guess you're just busy at work b/c i just texted you and never heard back...are you mad at me? lol.
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