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Ach, the Balance
So I seemed to have recovered some nice emotional stability after doing my weekend introspection a week ago. Unfortunately, I have since experienced much physical INstability. I sparred two of the better fighters in kung fu on Friday (last Friday). In a row, with no break, of course. I think I left bruises on one of them, although he threw a knee into my calf. Not my shin (that would have hurt him worse, I think), but my calf. I'm not sure, but I think it may have sprained a tendon or something. I've been feeling my leg achey all week. Definitely not normal. I did leave three quite visible bruises on just one of his shins, so I suppose we can call it even.

Then yesterday I appear to have eaten something for lunch that did NOT agree with me. Yes, it's one of those things my body considered, and then decided that it must be REJECTED. Yes, indeed. So my body was making sure it would have NO PART of that food. Which was a very sucky 24 hours for me. I finally got an appetite back around 7 today (at night). A full day without food! Yay!

And it wasn't just me. Sihing (Justin) has apparently managed to get himself damaged, as well. Although for him it was at work. A very large (more than 6', 200+ lbs) male decided he was going to take some items from where Justin works. Since it's his job to make sure that doesn't happen, Justin basically told him he was not going to leave. This ungentlemanly individual decided he didn't like that, and a scuffle ensued. Basically, it started with Justin doing a hip toss and then putting him in a chokehold. The guy shoved him backwards and Justin hit his knee during the throw, hitting it on the concrete curb. The guy then proceeded to take his keys and jab them into Justin's arm, then rake them up his arm. Not pleasant. This only prompted Justin to tighten his chokehold quite a bit, so the guy passed out in less than five seconds. The guy's had previous charges against him, so it's very likely he'll spend some decent time in prison for all of it. Justin ended up with a very swollen knee and a couple of nice scrapes on his arm.

So yeah, this morning during sparring class, both of us were pretty sad looking. He was limping around, I was holding my stomach and being weak from lack of food. I think it's okay, though. We'll both recover and come back to play.

In other news, we had our first full choir rehearsal today. I'm getting excited about introducing the new choir to the church. It'll definitely be a change. I expect some people will like it, but some people probably won't, as well. We'll find out soon enough, I suppose. We go LIVE in two weeks.

And I had my first week at work. I think I'm actually going to like this job! For the first time in a long time, when I wake up I actually am looking forward to going in to work. Between that and starting some serious work to multiply things in my side business, the employment thing is going nicely. It's weird having money. I'm used to having to deal more often with deciding if getting gas in the car or EATING is more worthwhile. Seriously. Not that I'm complaining.

So next weekend is going to be the busiest weekend I've had in a very long time. For one thing, I'll be having my first high school reunion. Yes, that does display how old I really am, but eh. Everyone ages. Some better than others. I guess I'll find out how much better some have aged than others this coming weekend. It'll be very interesting to see the differences. That, and then I have a Newman alumni gathering, as well. Alumni all over the place! And a TEC reunion. So yeah, I'll be busy.

For funsies, it looks like I may be able to get the new car as early as the end of the month. It just comes down to deciding what color. Either black on black, dark silver on black, or dark silver on black and red. Sadly, they've discontinued the brighter silver, but oh well. I really have to say I feel almost guilty buying a new car. I don't really NEED it. Since I have a functional vehicle. It really is going to be more a toy than anything. The biggest crazy toy I've ever bought. But boy, will it be fun! And I have figured out what I'll be putting on my license plate. If it's not taken and/or illegal, I'll let you know after I get it. I'll just say this - it is definitely nerdy, and still very much me.

Oh! And I almost forgot. I normally grab a guitar and play on a moderately frequent basis. Most of the time I'll end up just doing improv stuff. I haven't been able to remember a lot of what I play, because I didn't have any way to record it, since I didn't have any drive space. Well, now that I DO have drive space, I recorded the last thing I was playing around with. It's still sort of exploratory, but this is something I thought up last week. Hopefully you think it's more good than bad.

Hmm, well, it is late. And I am going to sleep IN tomorrow. Which is lovely. For my random link today I'm going to put something rather random. A video by some guys who've made a number of videos. Some of which are actually rather funny! I thought this one was particularly amusing.
My vote is for the black on black. i think it'll look hot.
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