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Happy Birthday, Blog!
Yes, it's my blog's birthday. Three years! Can you believe it? Kinda crazy. All sorts of weird events have occurred in those three years. Ah, the memories.

So this past week has been productive. Doing work, doing more work, kung fu, choir. I got my first full paycheck, about the same time I got my business check. It was a good feeling to deposit that much money. I couldn't help but have a stupid grin on my face. I'm not sure if the girl behind the counter thought I was just admiring her or what, but it didn't matter. So yeah - it looks like after the next pay period, I'll have enough to put down my set down payment on the car. But I should PROBABLY be responsible and wait a couple more weeks so I have a little more extra money to spare. Ugh. It's hard to be responsible, sometimes. Especially when some things are just so beautiful.

Kung fu's been rough this week. Sifu had shoulder surgery, so he's been out of it this week. Which means other people are covering for him until he's better. And Sihing has work most nights. And what does that mean? It means I'm in charge. Yep, scary, I know. I've been leading class (by myself) this whole week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Two hours at a time, two separate classes. Monday we started late because all the students showed up late. So I went ahead and pushed them a little extra to make up for that. 160 crunches, 30 pushups (on fists or fingertips - I myself prefer fingertips), plenty of time in the horse stance. I even pushed myself more than normal. With the expectation I'd be able to recover the next day! But no, turns out I led class again, after a clearup of some misunderstanding I had with Sifu's decisions on who was leading when. I didn't push them QUITE as hard, but it was still pretty rough for the advanced class. And today was the same - although I decided to go ahead and turn all MY crunches into situps. After doing so many hundred crunches every night, you might as well take the next step. Yes, my abs are aching nicely. As are my legs, and my chest, and so forth. It's enough to motivate me to start doing the SEAL training workout regimen again. Maybe I'll gain twenty pounds of muscle again.

And guitar has been definitely still part of my schedule. I found an old Foo Fighters song, Everlong. And decided to see if I still remembered how to play it. Turns out I did, and that I actually figured out how to play it better than I had previously. It was quite cool. And it sounds glorious with my new setup (guitar/amp combination). That, and I learned how to play Cold. It was easier than I expected. Just a drop D tuning, and you're good to go. The only part that took a little longer to figure out was the solo, but I got it down. Oh, and I've also been looking into learning some Monte Montgomery. Because he's awesome. I particularly like I Know You By Heart. Some of his chords are NOT easy to change to quickly.

Yeah, and the new choir's got their first full "test" this Saturday. The Madalene at 5:30. Should be interesting. Hopefully it'll all go well. I just hope we get enough people to show. But I have faith. It'll all be splendid.

And work's going nicely - it's quite cool. I think I'll like it. I'm learning a lot, and I think I'll be able to actually contribute a substantial amount. And my business (not so much just a SIDE business anymore) is growing. I'm currently taking some classes to help me figure out how to expand it, and I'll be taking some major steps in a month or so to build on the business. If it goes well (and I think there's a decent chance it will), I'll be doubling the income from there or more by the end of the year.

Yes, so that's my blog's birthday post. Silly blog! Always here. To entertain and enlighten, and occasionally obfuscate. Hey! Did you know that Jet Li's new movie is coming out this Friday? It is luscious. I have seen it, and I know. Okay!

Time for random links! Yes, more than one. A few sent by my friend Nick. He finds lovely things. Like tales of how our childhood entertainment has taught us. And how some people have more gaming systems and games than me. Yes, even MORE than ME.
Hi! Wow, I had a lot of catching up to do on this blog! But I did it. And I must say, congratulations on the totally awesome changes in your life and *hug* for the not-so-great changes.

You should come see me in Ireland! I (will) have a great new apartment. (I move in tomorrow-Friday)

And I almost freaked out because I thought I missed your birthday. But then I realized that it's not until the END of the month.

I miss talking to you on IM. AOL doesn't work for me, so you should get on Yahoo!

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