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Okay, so I vanished a bit
Call me distracted. I have been rather busy. That, and I'll admit a new obsession with a show called Top Gear. In fact, I was just watching an episode now. It's British TV. It actually has won an Emmy - so it's not a bad show at all. And it is all about CARS. It's quite fun. And how do I think it is? BRILLIANT. Here, let me share a few bits with you. They have full competition episodes that are broken into various parts, they have silly (and hilarious) episodes, fun comparison episodes, and of course, they have really bloody fast cars. Although, those cars may be insanely fast, there is one that's obscenely fast. And you wouldn't think it, looking at it. But oh yes - IT IS. While my car is very, very sweet - this last one here is oh so tempting. If I can get to where I can afford crazy toys that I really shouldn't get.

Although I will admit - I am totally enamored with my Honda. And yes, it's been on Top Gear, as well. In a bit of a fun comparison episode. But what about what I think of driving it? It's unlike anything I've ever been in. I can't help put have a stupid grin every time I get behind the wheel. Which is pretty much daily. I have, indeed, broken the 600 mile "break-in" requirement, which means I was able to push the RPM to the redline, into VTEC land. Although I'll admit - I couldn't quite make it to 600. Maybe it was a little closer to, oh, 510. And I took Justin (Sihing) out for a drive. And breaking into that VTEC was a rather sensual experience. There's just something about hearing the engine rev to a point that you think you NEED to shift, then letting it continue for another 3000 revs before shifting is insane. Basically - when the engine hits 6000 RPM, the Honda turns into a RACE CAR. Seriously. The only problem is (and I'll quote something I read somewhere for this), once you hit the VTEC, you go from 0 to illegal in very little time. So it's only something that's able to be consumed in bite-sized pieces. But perhaps that's what makes it so much more... LUSCIOUS.

And how's it handle? Like it's glued to the road. Take a 90 degree turn at 30 miles per hour, and the tires don't even squeak. It's just like the car's saying, "Okay." Where if I tried that with my Chevy, the car would be saying, "holy crAP ARE YOU INSANE!" I am very happy with the new toy.

So what else? Work has been definitely keeping me busy. Getting more to do, although I like it that way. Kung fu is continuing as usual - slap on some lion dance practice and restarting full contact training, and yeah, I'm a LITTLE busier than I have been. Plus more sore, somehow. And this last weekend was more loaded than normal. I went to a martial arts tournament for under 18 students to help judge. It was definitely educational, and rather fun. Sifu said it was about time I start getting seen around the martial arts world more, so it's time to go help at tournaments. It was good.

That, and my family's all out of town this last weekend, so I had to stay at the house and dogsit. With FOUR dogs. All of which missed the folks, I think - which means I got no real sleep at all. Grr! They're cute and all, but after they jump on you two thousand times and take a crap in the living room AFTER you just let them in from being outside (to, oh, maybe, take a crap?) and make all sorts of noises ALL NIGHT LONG, you get a little tired of it, somehow. Yes, he really did crap in the living room. So yeah, I didn't get enough sleep, and it's been pretty much like that for a while, now.

Random quality humor photo montage:

So that's been pretty much it. That, and me being sick of women. I think I might turn chauvinist for a while, just because I'm tired of their CRAP. Which, things being as they are, would probably attract hordes of females. Basically, you can add a couple more to my list of females who simply stop communicating with me. Suddenly. For no explained reason. No, I didn't go out and insult their weight, or eating habits, or even try telling them something like, "Boy, you're cranky - you must be PMSing!" No, I've been fairly cordial. But I seem to have somehow aquired an anti-mojo. Which is like mojo, but works in the reverse fashion. Maybe I need to just find a way to pass on my antimojo to some other unsuspecting chap (hmm - chap? perhaps a little too much Top Gear). Then I'll have my old lovely mojo back, and have the five-woman minimum that I used to have. All lovely ladies just aching to spend time with little ol' me. No such luck nowadays. I'll just have to give them up and spend time making oodles of money, driving excellent vehicles with my pimpin' shades on, enjoying playing guitar and singing, and keeping in tiptop physical condition whilst learning how to kick ass. Oh well.

Okay - so that's been a good catchup blog, I think. But of course, there's more! How about random YouTube links? Instead of just Top Gear? Might as well suck all their bandwidth while you can - who knows what Google will do now that they're in control. For now, enjoy some fairly random videos. Funny stuff, music, destruction of childhood dreams, and a Google video about the one guy who kicks more ass than ANYONE.
Holy crap that Ariel is fantastic. And yes, I completely agree with your assessment of the female half of the species at the moment.
I can see it now... Eric Gesinski's "Seduce and Destroy System".
Ouch! Harsh words for the superior species. (haha j/k...I just had to throw that in there). And let me point out that, though I am in Ireland, I have not stopped talking to you, and I'm still your friend. Am I the ONLY one? How about a positive shout out to the friends you still have? (It would be a nice change from the negative publicity for the ones who stop talking to you). ~A
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