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What? A post in January?
Yes! I thought I'd go ahead. I miss my blog. I don't blog enough anymore. It happens when you get distracted. Busy. You forget about things. Which probably isn't good. But I'm back to my blog! For today, at least.

So what's new? Well, I'll tell you what ISN'T. I still do oodles of kung fu. I work too much. Been hanging out with a new lady, which is rather fun. Driving just one car lately, because of the crazy weather. You can guess which one.

Kung fu! Been a lot of it lately, preparing for the Chinese New Year (February 18th). Lion dancing and such. Back into full contact. Today wasn't so good - I'm working on not turning my back, so my guard isn't up to practice. Which means I got hit a little more than I should have. In my FACE. That, and the throat, which made me gag a little bit. I need to remember that for future reference. But classes are going it

One big piece of news in kung fu. Yes... Sihing Shannon. Remember him? I've mentioned him before. He was senior to Justin when he was still taking under Sifu in town. Well - he's come back to town. That's right. He's now back in our classes. So I have two Sihings now. And he's definitely got enough to give me a few more lessons.

So yeah, I got a Wii, and it's lovelii. I beat Zelda in less than a week, because it was so awesome. And I love the ending of it. I've been using the Wii latelii for it's sweet online browser option. For frii. Mainly to watch silly YouTube videos. Which I still watch way too manii. Of.

Hmm. That's the gist of things - I did get my car stuck in the ice a few nights ago, which sucked. I scraped out all the ice from under the tire that spun. Behind it, that is. And I got ALL the ice away. Down to the pavement. Some two full inches. But it didn't matter! My car was facing down a hill, but against a curb corner. So it was stuck, no traction at all. I ended up having to leave it there. Thankfully it was in the apartment complex, just not in my normal space. I had some of the maintenance guys help by pushing the rear of the car until it was facing uphill, which meant I could get traction. And get to work! Yay! Right. But it turned out okay.

So I need to start getting a little less busy. Maybe get back to things I've been neglecting. Such as my blog. We'll see how it goes. I have one silly random link for you today, but I have BONUS random linkage for you today. You've always wondered what our classes are like. Well, I'll give you an idea. With what? How about... VIDEO. Yes, that's right. Finally, some video for you.

Jordan working on his horse stance.

Sihing Justin helping teach a novice a few moves.

Justin and Shannon getting a little bit of practice in.

Justin and Shannon sparring for points. You might have to watch closely to see Justin's last backfist land - it's kinda fast.

Mmmm, yes. Kung fu! And I have one more bonus for you. A little demo we did at our Christmas party, between me and Sihing Justin. A sparring set. Well, my dad wanted us to repeat it, so we did it again for him so he could record it. And here it is (downloadable). Hopefully you'll find all of this a little educational to get an idea of what it is I really do.
Staying too busy makes people crazy - you should definitely be less busy. I'm sure your new lady would appreciate it. =)

Your Ninja Burger link made me think of something Dustin drew for this guy. Go check it out, I think you'd appreciate it:
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post more. =) you're slacking.
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