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Okay, need to blog
Too much has happened, I need to talk about it. Yeah, it's been a while, but it's still February! So maybe I'll blog some more. Maybe. Maybe not. It's like I say I need to go to Golden Gate more. But I don't. Even though it's quite delicious.

But yes! To start, it was a busy weekend. I guess to START, I should say that yes, I have a girlfriend now. Her name is Nicole and she is quite lovely. (Luscious, even - but these are words that really shouldn't be shared publicly.) We went out to see Breach on Friday, and it was an interesting film. It was actually more interesting because of the fact it was based on true events.

Saturday was eventful, because although I took a break from kung fu fighting for the morning to recover sleep from working on call, I got some in after class. An old student from the kwoon was making a short film. We still see each other occasionally, so he asked me if I knew some people who might be interested in participating in a fight scene for his film, particularly any kung fu students. So I got ahold of Jordan and Shannon for the event. And it was very interesting! I won't ruin the plot, as I may be able to actually get the footage. But the main fight scene we just put together on the fly, and I think it might actually turn out okay. I got a bit dirty tumbling in the dirt, but it was okay. Fun times!

Then Saturday night, staying moderately quiet, watching some Pride. Sunday got crazy busy with all sorts of free food. Top Gear (that awesome British car show) is back on the air! So I watched a few episodes. Richard Hammond is back, and has recovered from a crazy accident they were doing in the previous season. And the show is, as always, highly entertaining. But yes - met up for dinner with the lion dance team. Lion dancing went fairly well this year, and I shouldn't, but I will share with you a little bit of what we did. Since it was captured on film. So here!

Just a close up of the lion I was in. So that's me! Just waking the lion a bit.

Me and Cory are in the middle lion, and I'm partially standing because I'm shouting at him to prepare for our stack. He didn't realize right away, so that's why there's a slight delay. But yes, this is the lion dance standard stack.

Sihing! This is Justin performing part of one of his tournament forms.

And yes, the final demo. This is something that we often do at demonstrations. Just so you know, that's rebar, and they are NOT using their hands. Justin on the left, Shannon on the right.

That was at Nam-Hai last weekend. If you missed out, now you have a mild idea of what you missed. There was a lot to see. But there have been changes at kung fu! Sihings are changing. Justin has decided to enlist in the Marines. I know, there are a lot of people who are surprised at this, and wondering why, but this is something he had prepared to do (ever before Iraq started). So he leaves on March 19th. We will miss him, but he'll be back. Shannon is now sort of taking his place, since he was the senior student before, and is now essentially in the same position as Justin was, with a similar set of knowledge. So I'll be practicing more with him now, and he IS another one of my Sihings. Now it's Sihing Shannon.

Changes, indeed. But yes, Sunday we all went out to eat. Sadly, I went to the WRONG PLACE and had to go back over when I realized I went to the wrong Chinese restaurant. It happens.

After that it was time for poker action! A bunch of friends, two tables, 11 people. Texas Hold 'Em until we were down to 8 people, then move to one table. Guess who won? Woo! I did! For decent money, too. I won last time, as well, out of around 10 people. I almost felt bad winning again. I figure next time my luck will swing the other way, so it should balance out.

But yes, busy weekend. Not too shabby, either. So it's time to start another week! I think perhaps my blog needs to have the rust brushed off to be used again. It may be time.

Speaking of time.... random link time! Guitar Hero is awesome. But there are other options, too. Oh, and when I have a child, I'd imagine he might look like this. And do you think you're a geek? Make sure you check out this list to enhance your geekdom.
i was sad about missing the lion dance again this year. =( thanks for the videos though!

dustin and i took advantage of a golden gate coupon in urban tulsa. i needed to introduce him to the goodness that is golden gate, like you did for me. =)
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