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Okay, so I missed a month
Yeah, lots of stuff has been changing. I don't know if anyone even READS my blog anymore. If you do, you can post an anonymous comment (or not anonymous, if you're brave), let me know. Then I may post MORE. You know, inspiration.

Quick post, since I'm at work. I've decided to cave in to the popularity that is YouTube. But use it how? For music, naturally. So I'll be posting some vids of ME. Maybe. If I'm brave enough. Doing music, you know. Either that, or dancing madly. But probably just music. Or maybe my mad skillz at gaming. But I haven't done any real gaming in a while.

Yeah, lots of stuff changing, I'll give more of an update later. One not so happy change was me throwing out my back a week ago. Trying to throw a guy one MORE time at practice. A guy who weighed about twice my weight. Yeah, okay, not the smartest move. But I had been doing it successfully.

Random link! Sort of. Since yesterday was Easter (happy belated Easter!), it's only appropriate to put in an easter egg. A WINDOWS easter egg. Muahahahahaahahaaaaaaa... Try copying and pasting the text on the next line, then immediately typing after that. In Notepad, or something. See what happens.
I read your blog religiously, Ericus, with great anticipation for its next installment!
Does it work on Mac laptops? If not, I guess I'll have to pass-sorry!

I read your blog, Ericus, and I'm still sorry I missed you! You need to come up again soon!

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