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Yay! ALMOST two posts a month!
Bleah, I've been really REALLY busy. It's been a big combination of work, other work, kung fu, the girlfriend, and then more kung fu. That, and being on call can SUCK.

For example, last week I was working after standard work hours every day except for Wednesday. And that includes the weekend. So yeah, it was very very sucky. Many of those days I was working after midnight, too, so I lost a lot of sleep - that can wear you down quite a bit.

After all that, it's made me MOTIVATED. Motivated to get back into side business! I'm learning about a new area to make money with, but it's still being researched. So for now, I'm going back to what I was learning last year, and building on it. Hopefully it will all be good. Perhaps learn a bit more! It should be good.

Quick update on kung fu - our tournament is THIS weekend. Saturday and Sunday, most of the days. Starts at 10 AM Saturday, we should have a good demo right at the beginning. It will be at the Nathan Hale gym. If you can make it, it might be worth checking out.

Since I'm at work now (and still working), I can't write a LOT right now. I have been a little more hooked on YouTube lately, too. Why? Well, for my random link, I'll give you one little reason.

Oh! And one more I ALMOST forgot about, that I have Seanicus to thank for finding. Make sure you check out the last items on the "Merchandise Mart" page. Just be prepared.
You didn't post the random link we sent! :(
Post, Ericus, post! :-)

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