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Ugh! Busy!
Yes, my blog has been slightly abandoned. I'm sorry, blog! I've been overly busy. Busy? Kung fu is continuing to take a lot of my time, although the weekends lately have been a bit less committed. Free time? Not quite. Girlfriend time? Yes, quite.

That, and I'm starting up on my phase 2 on making money independently. How? Well, I won't tell you, but I'll give you a hint: it involves investment in a BIG way. In other, COMPLETELY unrelated news, I've decided to finally move out from my apartment. To what? Why, to a house! It's crazy, I know. I've got a contract, but I don't close until the end of next month. So I have some time to back out if I choose to, but I'm thinking I'll probably go ahead. It's in Jenks, so it's pretty far away from a lot of my friends and family, but not TOO far. I'll have to get trained on how to maintain a property, as well as actually keep it clean. Mainly my paperwork/mail will have to be kept on a daily basis, instead of tri-monthly. That, and I'll have to start doing lawn and garden work. And pay for extra expenses. But I'll have a house! Play guitar late at night if I want! Play DDR with no worries at all! Have room to do it two player, if I choose! And other things non-game related.

Actually, I don't game much at all anymore. I did get to play a bit at a bachelor party I recently attended. Much Halo 3 was played. Yes, I said 3. We got our hands on the beta, and much fun was had. It's the first time I've played in a while. I've been to a lot of bachelor parties lately. Seems like EVERYONE is getting married. In fact, my old roomie Nick just got engaged. So yeah, lots of changes, life moves forward.

I'm at work at the moment, and changes are happening here, too. Williams Power was bought out, so lots of changes are going to happen. Which means I need to start getting my side businesses rolling soon, to make sure I'm not freaking out about maybes. We'll see how it all turns out.

Random links? Okay! One I got from Nick. I saw the Pirates of the Caribbean 3 movie this last weekend. I myself do NOT like these movies very much. I guess I'm not alone, because someone made a list of why it doesn't suck. (Spoilers ahoy, arr!)

Oh, and one more random link. I found this from CNN's news. This guy apparently was hit so hard by... certain people's paranoia, that he went ahead and created a live alibi feed. This is his page, and he has an updated feed on where he is every moment, as well as a shot of the environment he's at at that moment. Is he crazy? Or just creative in his dealing with other people's paranoia (because of his name, mainly)?

Yay for updates! Keep 'em coming!
You should update--I would LOVE to know how the move went and how you like your new house! Plus, some pictures would be really cool! :-)
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