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300th post!
I really don't know how I've managed 300 posts, when I don't post more than about once a month. Bleah. I think I'm packing my schedule too crazily. Why do I say that?

Well, I've been a bit busy. Bought a house, moved in (with a U-HAUL, no less). Yeah, I had some great friends help me out, but moving a moderately large TV (as in, one that weighs twice what I do or more) down six flights of stairs is a bit nerve-wracking. Crammed everything into the U-Haul, moved it over to the house, pulled everything out. It's almost like a home now! Still unpacking a bit here and there, and my computer desk didn't survive the move, sadly. Ooh, and Neil (my first roommate) is now my neighbor! Not VERY close by, but within the same square mile.

That, and the company I work for has, yet again, been bought out. Which means I'm now in the state of flux with my job. I may actually end up working with a small group of guys, doing REAL coding, instead of web "development". Or using proprietary modifications of Access databases, which are badly done. We'll see what happens, probably by next week.

And kung fu moves on! I'm still training. Working out for full-contact tournaments, although I don't think I'll be competing in this next one. Why not? Because I'll be playing guitar at a wedding, so I should probably practice THAT a bit, and not risk breaking things that are part of my body before then. Busy, busy.

So things are changing, they are in flux. I do still have my girlfriend, Nicole, and she is quite Nicolicious. Mmm, hmm. Ah! Random link time! I have a good one. I've been quite hooked on this. So you've been warned. It's fun to play, though. It's called Weewar! That, and bonus random link about the best thing to do with an iPhone. And what to do after.
congrats on the house! =) that's awesome. my other friend erik lives in jenks - it's like an eric/erik magnet.
update: my wedding date got moved up to this october, so in 74 days i will be a married woman, in VEGAS! =)
hope all is well!
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