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Blog birthday tomorrow
How odd. My blog will be four years old tomorrow. That's pretty old for a blog. And it's been fairly quiet for the past year. But this past year has not been so quiet for ME. I think those things are related, somehow.

So lately I've been thinking a lot about life, and how I'm getting older, and jobs, and women, and family, and so forth. What do I want to do with life? That's one I'm still working on. Apparently all my questioning is not something that is completely unusual. I don't normally jump into astrology analysis, but a friend forwarded this to me and it struck me as oddly correlating. (For those that scoff at new age web sites, here's the wikipedia entry.) It matches a LOT of what I've been dealing with lately.

So what's that mean? I've been a big computer nerd for basically my whole life. That may change in the next year or two, apparently. I might end up being a real estate guru. Who knows. After that I might open up my own bank. Or become a movie director (something I've wanted to try for a long time). But sitting in a cubicle, typing in code for a program that's most likely not going to be used for an extremely long period of time, while worrying about the company I'm working for being bought out and a large percentage of employees being laid off - that's not something that I want to do for the rest of my life. And that I KNOW. So the question is now... what DO I want to do? What's rewarding? What's fun? What's both, and can still allow me to pay my bills? Can I do more than one thing at once? Could I be a real estate investor and a rock star AND a kung fu teacher? With some movies on the side? (Clean movies. I know you were thinking it would be pr0n. You pervert.)

And then what about family? When am I going to get married? That, I have no idea on. What about kids? I know I want one (preferably two), but when's a good time? These are all things I've been thinking about, aside from my learning for marketing and real estate.

Speaking of, I went to a workshop for real estate rehab this last weekend with Nicole (my girlfriend - she's always been interested in rehab work for properties). The guy giving the workshop is known as "Mr. Rehab" - Pete Youngs. He's a good guy, and he gave a ton of very good tips. I'm eager to try some of his techniques on a property, so I'm looking for some that need rehab work. The kind that people look at and say, "Ugh!" I really am thinking this is something I'd enjoy. It's manual labor with a very visible product. It's work with results you can see. That, and the money's okay, too. If you happen to know anyone selling a property that needs work, or if you just see a property that looks like it's abandoned (with much better looking houses around it), let me know. (Hint, hint - I pay a referral fee for any properties I close on, and it's a fairly sizeable chunk of cash. Ask me if you're interested and/or curious.) I think it'd be a rewarding job, and something that would help improve things for everyone. That, and I could get some sun instead of being stuck in front of a computer all day.

Anyway, my life will go forward somehow. I'll just have to see how it moves forward as I get there.

Time for random linkage! I'm still hooked on YouTube. It's the source of many of my musings. It can even be educational. If you smoke (or know someone who does), you may want to check this out.
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