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Staying busy, getting older soon
Yeah, I'm probably yet again doing MORE than any sane person should. Still doing kung fu, although I think I might need to take a bigger break. And soon. I'm looking into a few properties for investment purposes, and my internet marketing has taken a jump up. I have some motivation to succeed, so we'll have to see how it turns out.

Well, there's that, plus the fact that a little piece of software was just released. You might have heard of it... Halo 3? Yeah, I (being the true nerd) went to the midnight release. Seeing some of the other individuals there just made me smile. I got some free pizza as well as finished off a level at expert difficulty in the in-store copy of Guitar Hero 2. That, and I did play a little after getting home. I'm feeling it a bit now, and my girlfriend wasn't particularly happy about that (she said to show some restraint and hold back - I'm apparently not THAT strong). But yes - the game is glorious. It's gorgeous, and it sounds awesome, and it's FUN. And I shall play it again tonight.

I'm getting older soon. Sunday, to be exact. And I have no idea what I'll be doing. Perhaps I should just relax and watch a cinematic adventure. Or perhaps play some Halo 3. Or even some guitar (that's kind of been lost on the wayside with all my other activities). I might just lose some more hair and feel old. Fun times!

Okay, so I'm still at work, so I should go. I'll go ahead and post the random link here for now. This is another blog I found out about from CNN. It's both horrific and entertaining, something all blogs should aspire towards. Check it out!
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