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Life moves on
So a lot has happened since my last post. I got a little older. It was fun, good times at the Cheesecake Factory. Got some good stuff from my parents, including a crazy alarm clock. I've tested it out, but I'm scared to actually use it. I think it would definitely get me up, but for some reason I like hitting my snooze button.

The big news, though, is the fact that I'm single again. It's pretty sucky. I think it's probably the right way to go, but it doesn't make it any easier. Thankfully I have a ton of stuff to work on to distract me, so hopefully it'll be something I can not dwell on too much.

I'll probably have some sort of introspective thought process later on, but for now, my brain is kinda mush. So I'll just leave you with a random link. Even though I was feeling crummy, this still made me laugh.
I'm thinking of you, Ericus!
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