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First post of the new year
Yes! First post of the new year! And also, first post since before all the holiday craziness. A lot happens over the holidays. What happened over your holidays? Well, for me, it's been chaos. Some good, some not so much.

There was the ice storm, to start with. I lost power for about two and a half days. Lost all food in my fridge, and it was a bit cold, somehow. I spent a bit of time with my family, since they kept power. Makes you appreciate things you have.

Another not so good thing was my side business. I had been bad about only keeping one campaign running. Well, when the merchant I was using got shut down, it meant my side business was crippled to almost nothing. So I'm sort of struggling with much less income than I was making before. It means back to work for me! So I've been working diligently to improve things, and with multiple campaigns this time. It'll take time (and much effort), but things are looking better this month. We'll see.

But in other news - after breaking up with the previous girlfriend, I was ready to be single for a long time. You know what that means, right? Right. I found a girl fairly quickly. She's essentially the perfect woman. At least, for me. Seriously - if I had made up an ideal girlfriend, I don't think she'd be as good as the one I found. So say I made up a girlfriend, what would she be like? She'd be beautiful (inside and out), she'd be a model or an actress, definitely have some musical ability, it'd be nice if she had some martial arts experience, of course she'd have to like video games, she'd be healthy, have goals, and have intelligence enough to entertain my silly conversations.

So what's the real thing like? She's beautiful (inside and out), she's a model AND an actress AND a dancer to boot (has her own IMDB entry, and no, I'm not listing that here), she sings (and has done so professionally), she's a black belt (alas, in taekwondo, but oh well), she's a hardcore video gamer (enjoys both playing and watching), and is healthy, has goals, and talks to me at length about anything. So yeah. The perfect girlfriend. Her name is Tiffany.

That's been a pretty good thing, made the holidays a bit better. Got to spend them with my family, had a good time. I actually snagged Super Mario Galaxy from the folks, and it is quite sweet. Tif and I have been playing it and won it this last weekend. With 99 stars. Still working on finishing out the next 21. It messes with your HEAD. Because of the distortion with gravity and direction. But it's definitely fun.

Aside from that, I started my new role at the company. The first one is now complete, so I got transitioned to a new position. So far, it's been going okay. Not perfectly smoothly, but not too shabbily. I think it won't take too long to get acclimated and fit into the scheme of things here. At least I'm no longer on call, which is VERY GOOD.

I've been away from kung fu for two weeks, so I'm getting fat. Okay, maybe not really, but I definitely am still on the pizza + Pepsi diet. Because it's so sweet. And that plus no kung fu can't be good for me. I went back for the first time for lion dance practice, and they asked me if I had actually lost weight. So apparently I'm not getting too fat. But I need more kung fu! Going back in tonight, should be a good move back into things. We have our big demo coming up for the Chinese New Year at the beginning of February. I'll be in the lion (of course), and doing a crazy hard form for the demonstration. We'll see how that goes. Still have some time for training.

Oh, I must say - I went and saw Juno this last weekend, per recommendation by my sister. It's surprisingly good. I'd recommend you go check it out, if you have a chance. But don't go in expecting it to be good, just make your own decision on it.

So for now, I'm working hard, trying to get my side business back up and beyond, and working at work work, and kung fu, plus spending time with the perfect girlfriend. It is nice, because a lot of that time is doing stuff I'd normally be doing for fun (movies, gaming), just with someone who also likes the same stuff (and who happens to be extraordinarily hot). It's a happy place.

Ooh! Random links! Okay, one is some music I learned about from Tif. They're a Canadian Band. A little bit electronica, rock, and Cocteau Twins all mixed together. I do like them. Oh! And I forgot to mention, Fred and I got Rock Band. It's a very, very good game. Loads of fun. Even those nasty reviews seem to like it.
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