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Some catching up
Yes, yes. I've not been blogging in MONTHS. Yes, a very long time. But blogs are good! I've been learning all about the perks of them. It's all part of my master plan. My master plan to work for MYSELF. Instead of The Man. It might just work.

All of the previous standard things are still in place. Yes, I still play guitar. Yes, I still do way too much kung fu. But I've taken my side business stuff and refocused it - it's now my main business. I had mentioned wanting to focus on my marketing - well, the business partner and I didn't really work out. I got some good experience, but that door is now closed. Now it's time to move forward in the direction I think I've been wanting to go for a long time, now.

I've got a basic site up, the company's together, I have a few employees - I've been busy. I need to redo the design on my web site, but for the most part it's functional. I've got a few pages set up for each of the areas of internet marketing I do, such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), and so forth. But the main focus of the site (and company) is internet marketing. So I do internet marketing full-time now. And I love it! (Yes, if you're checking the site out anytime soon after this post, it's still not PRETTY - I'm not a designer, I'm a coder. I'm having one of my designers fix that sometime soon.)

It's quite fun, I must admit. A combination computer science, business, and psychology. Overall it's a big puzzle, and I like puzzles. And it's more work than any of my other jobs have ever been, by far. But the difference is that this is work that I LIKE. The main cool part of it is that I can actually increase business for companies that use my services. I'm starting with local companies, smaller businesses. Having a jump in online traffic can do wonders for a business's profits. If they have a good site, it helps, too. But knowing that what I'm doing is helping someone else achieve their goals and dreams is the main reward that keeps me loving doing this work.

So yes, my blogging has become lax. Because I'm WORKING. Working all online, which is ironic, I realize. Meaning I really don't have a good excuse for not blogging. But hey. I'm working, here!

I'm still busy, so this won't be a crazy long post, but it's a little catching up. I'll have to come back and give more details later.

That doesn't mean I won't still do proper random linking. This is a link I had a friend send me. It's a series of videos with a grade-school level of explanation for why what we're doing to the Earth is BAD.
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